Electronic Invoicing of Aruba

Create, send, receive and store.

Choose Aruba Electronic Invoicing

For sending, receiving and regulation-compliant storage of electronic invoices

Aruba's Electronic Invoicing includes these features:

XML invoice creation and loading

Creating and uploading XML invoices Invoices can be created or uploaded in the standard XML format compatible with accounting management and storage services to send them to private individuals, public administrations and end consumers. Includes the function of sending .pdf invoice copies for email.

Sending and receiving invoices

Aruba is an intermediary accredited with SdI through which both issued and received invoices will pass thanks to the Receiver Code associated with Aruba: KRRH6B9.

Conservation in accordance with standards

The service includes the automatic preservation of your documents and related notifications with the possibility of exhibiting them for tax purposes.

Mobile application

The service includes a free downloadable app on iOS and Android, which allows you to be constantly updated on the status of sent and received invoices thanks to push notifications on mobile devices

Collaboration with accountant

Working online with your accountant is free. After registering, your accountant will be able to access and work directly on your Electronic Invoicing Panel according to the permissions assigned.

Company Register Search

It allows you to search for company details directly in the Register of Companies, also obtaining information on the status of companies for complete and fast management of customer and supplier records.

Importing invoices transited by SdI

Functionality for uploading, within the Panel, sent and received invoices already transited by SdI and available on the Invoices and Receipts portal of the Inland Revenue Agency, on the PEC or on other electronic invoicing services.

Management of receipts and payments

For each invoice sent and received, you can report its accounting status, run filters and keep track of receipts and payments at all times.

Security of your data

ISO 27001 certification, being an eIDAS-compliant Trust Service Provider and certified infrastructure at the highest level ensure total security in Aruba's handling of data.

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