Health and Well-being

Technologies Used

Custom Post Type UI, Elementor, Gravity Forms, Imagify, Jetpack, OneSignal, SEOPress, WooCommerce, WP-Optimize

The Ethicare website, created with WordPress e Elementorrepresents an association committed to holistic disciplines. As an association, Ethicare benefits from the Google for the Non-Profitusing in particular the Google AD Grants for advertising on Google.

Project details:

  • Discovery of the Life ProjectEthicare encourages the search for a deeper meaning in life, offering psycho-physical support and tools to realise personal life projects.
  • Holistic Services: The site highlights services such as crystal therapy, highlighting their holistic approach to wellness.
  • Information Content and News: A section dedicated to news, such as articles on esotericism, provides updates and information on the various activities and topics covered by the association.

Google for Non-Profit and Google AD Grants:

  • Google WorkspaceAccess to collaborative tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs.
  • Google Ad Grants: Advertising credits on Google Ads to promote the association online.
  • Use of Credits for AdvertisingEthicare uses Google AD Grants to create advertising campaigns on Google, increasing the visibility of their initiatives and services.

Impact and Use: Ethicare, through its website, positions itself as a point of reference for those seeking a holistic approach to wellbeing, combining the practice of holistic disciplines with the promotion and sharing of informative and educational content. The use of advanced digital tools, such as those offered by Google for Non-Profit, amplifies their ability to reach and involve a wider audience.

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