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What are the main risks of the web?

Web risksA detailed analysis of the most important dangers that can occur when surfing the Internet.

Il web è diventato una parte così importante delle nostre vite che non possiamo più farne a meno. Ma con l’aumento della sua popolarità cresce anche la consapevolezza dei rischi associati all’utilizzo della rete, o almeno così dovrebbe essere. Difatti, non consideriamo a dovere quanto possa essere pericolosa la rete, soprattutto se usata con poca vigilanza ed attenzione, a maggior ragione se ad usarla sono i più piccoli ma anche gli adulti.

That is why in this article we will examine what dangers on the Internet we must keep in mind during online surfing sessions.

Why surfing the net can be dangerous

The Internet is a space that offers many advantages, we know that very well, but it also hides dark sides. I web risks are mainly related to the possibility of personal information which can compromise our normal existence.

Indeed, when you share personal data online, it can fall into the wrong hands and be used for malicious purposes. For instance, if you usually buy online, you will certainly use your bank details, typing them into the e-commerce. And if your device turns out to have been hacked, it is very likely that the cybercriminal will hoard your data, using it at will, essentially for malicious purposes. To remedy this, prevention is important, finding the solutions needed to limit the dangers of the webIt is not enough simply to use a strong and secure password or to avoid sharing personal data such as one's address or financial information with unknown persons.

Dangers of the Internet

But another aspect to consider is dealing with strangers who pretend to be someone else, hiding their true identity and intentions. Therefore, it is important to be careful who you meet online and never give out personal information to strangers.

Web risks, what are the dangers of surfing online

But let's take a closer look at what web risks to keep in mind. The main ones are:

In general, in order to avoid problems when navigating, it is important to be cautious and take the necessary precautions.


I pericoli del web possono essere estremamente dannosi, sia per la nostra privacy che per la nostra sicurezza. Pertanto, è importante prendere precauzioni appropriate per evitare tali rischi e navigare in modo sicuro sul web.

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