What Black Friday means: origins and must-have offers

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What Black Friday meansread our comprehensive guide to the origins, significance and benefits for consumers and traders of this highly anticipated event.

What Black Friday means

Il Black Friday è una tradizione americana nata negli anni ’60 che si è diffusa in tutto il mondo. Si celebra il venerdì successivo al Thanksgiving Day, il quarto giovedì di novembre, e segna l’inizio dello shopping natalizio. In Italy, è diventato sempre più popolare negli ultimi anni grazie a exclusive discounts e special promotionsnot only in physical shops, but also on online purchasing platforms

To understand what Black Friday means, it is useful to analyse the term. In Italian it means 'Black Friday' and refers to the convention of traders to switch from a season of red (symbolising losses) to one of black (symbolising earnings). It is therefore the day when shops offer incredible discounts on many products, from clothing to technology, from food to household appliances.

Favourable prices for all budgets

The significance of Black Friday is linked to the idea of creating a unique shopping occasion, a unmissable event for consumers who want to save money and treat themselves to something special. Shops offer exclusive discounts not usually available during the rest of the year, and retailers can sell goods at advantageous pricescustomers can make big savings on their purchases.

This has resulted in it becoming a global event, with many countries celebrating the day with special discounts, with a significant impact on the global economy. According to an estimate by Adobe Digital Insights, it generated $7.4 billion in revenue in 2019 in the US alone, a 19.6% increase over the previous year. This means it figures as a major opportunity for the global economic market.

This is also true for our country, with an exponential year-on-year increase in sales in this period and a turnover well in excess of one billion euros.

The benefits of 'Black Friday

Having seen what Black Friday means, we summarise the many benefits that make it a must-do shopping event:

  • Significant discountsshops propose offers that often reach very high percentages. This makes it possible to buy high-quality products at significantly reduced prices, thus saving considerably on the budget.
  • Wide selection of productsdiscounts can be found on a wide range of products, from electronic devices to home appliances, from clothing to fashion accessories. This offers the opportunity to satisfy different shopping needs, allowing you to find what you want at affordable prices.
  • Anticipating Christmas shoppingThe event usually falls at the end of November, making it the perfect opportunity to anticipate Christmas shopping. By taking advantage of the discounts offered during this period, one can make considerable progress on the gift list, saving time and money.
  • Exciting shopping experienceThis creates an atmosphere of excitement and frenzy for shoppers, with offers lasting for a limited period. This can make shopping a fun and addictive experience, offering the chance to make incredible bargains and find unique bargains.
  • Opportunities for online savings: oltre allo shopping tradizionale nei negozi fisici, il Black Friday offre un’ampia possibilità di risparmio anche online. Numerosi siti web e piattaforme di e-commerce partecipano all’evento, offrendo sconti esclusivi e promozioni che consentono di acquistare comodamente da casa.


1. What day will Black Friday be in our country?

The highly anticipated discount day in Italy will be Friday 24 November

2. What is Black Friday?

It is an American tradition born in the 1960s that marks the beginning of Christmas shopping with exclusive discounts and special promotions.

3. What is the meaning of the term?

In Italian, it means 'Black Friday' and refers to the transition from a season of red (losses) to one of black (gains) for traders.

4. Where can I find Black Friday deals?

They are available both in physical shops and on online shopping platforms.

5. What is the impact on the economy?

It has a significant impact on the global economy and generates a large amount of sales in shops and online.

Final considerations

In summary, to give a definitive answer on what Black Friday means, we are talking about an unmissable event for consumers, but also an opportunity for retailers to increase their sales and empty their warehouses. This day has a significant impact on the global economy and is getting bigger every year. If you are looking for incredible offers, it is the right time to shop at bargain prices.

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What does Black Friday mean,How does Black Friday work,Black Friday what does it mean,Where does Black Friday come from,When is Black Friday,When does Black Friday start,Black Friday when is it,When is Black Friday 2023,Meaning of Black Friday
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