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WordPress 5.4 update: what's new

Update WordPress 5.4What has changed from previous versions and what improvements have been made with the new release.

Among the most widely used CMSs in the world, WordPress is the one with the largest number of users, thanks mainly to its fluidity and ease of daily use. It is the best solution for those who wish to benefit from a professional and affordable website, with the possibility of customising it via the various plugins and taking advantage of the SEO functionalityfundamental for search engine indexing.

Over the years, developers have made numerous changes to improve its functionality, culminating in the WordPress 5.4 update.

WordPress 5.4 update

L'WordPress 5.4 updateavailable as of 31 March 2020, brought with it some great innovations, especially with regard to a much better user experience than before. Below, we outline the main changes and new features.

wordpress 5.4 update

How to update WordPress 5.4

The downloading the new release it is advisable to do it at a time of day when there is not an intense click of users. Most often it is better to do it late in the evening, or even better in the later hours. In the course of theupdate in fact, the platform is unreachable, thus causing a disruption to those connected to it, even if only for a few moments. Moreover, it is good practice to save one's own files in order to avoid their deletion in the event of problems.

To check their presence, simply look at the icon on the left-hand side in the appropriate section, and then click on "update now".

WordPress 5.4.1

After theWordPress 5.4 update On 29 April 2020, the new version, 5.4.1, was released with further improvements in security and site bugs.

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