.it Domains: Your Italian Digital Identity

Get your .it domain in less than 5 minutes. A .it domain is not just an Internet address, but represents Italian excellence and quality in the digital world.

Services Included with Your .it Domain


A service that improves the security and speed of your website. Cloudflare acts as a proxy between visitors and the hosting servers, filtering traffic to block threats and limit bot abuse, as well as distributing content via a global network to speed up access to the site.

DNS Management

Manage your DNS with ease. You can choose to use our DNS management service via ticket, or manage your settings yourself via our manager.gtechgroup.co.uk panel. This gives you complete control over your domain settings, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your website.

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Annual Price
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Flexibility and Customisation

I .it domains are available for EU citizens or companies with an address in the EU, in addition to the countries of the European Economic Area. Choose from a wide range of names, from 3 to 63 characters, with the possibility of including hyphens and numbers.

Start Your Digital Adventure Now

Register your .it domain with us today and establish your digital presence with an address that expresses the Italian essence. With the .it domain, we open the door to a world of opportunities in the digital landscape.

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