On this page are all our software and plugins developed by us, many are free of charge others require registration or being already our customer to be used.

Discover Peter AI, the platform that integrates artificial intelligence to revolutionise your workflow and create high-quality content. Thanks to our partnership with ChatGPT, we offer over 20 AI tools to meet your content needs. Take advantage of the free trial and discover how to generate text, images, summaries, article ideas and much more, all quickly and intuitively.

Join us and be surprised by the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence to optimise your work and improve your online presence!

Our customisable cloud-based CRM.

Manage your socials from one place.

QR Menu for Hospitality Activities

Send mass SMS and WhatsApp.

Advanced CRM for your business

Analyse the statistics of your website.

Place pop-ups and notifications on your website.

Many tools for web masters.

It generates QR codes of all kinds.

Send large files.

Search for a free domain.

Monitor whether your services are online.

Generate customised and short links.


DNS propagation check

Create, Manage, Publish Apps

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