Realisation of Web Sites

We turn your digital vision into reality with customised websites created to excel in modern business.

Ease of Use

Intuitive and accessible, ideal for anyone wishing to easily manage their own website.

Flexible design

Integrated tools to improve site visibility on search engines.

SEO optimisation

Intuitive and accessible, ideal for anyone wishing to easily manage their own website.

Why should I set up a website with G Tech Group?

Choosing G Tech Group for the realisation of your website, access an unparalleled service that combines technological innovation, creativity e customisation. Our experienced team does not just create aesthetically appealing sites; we develop platforms robust, optimised for SEO, e perfectly adaptable to your business needs. With us, your website becomes a strategic tool for achieving your business goals, ensuring an online presence distinctive and functional. Rely on G Tech Group for a digital experience that elevates your brand to the next level.

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Discover Our Portfolio

The portfolio of G Tech Group is a showcase of our commitment to theexcellence and the customisation in web design. From dynamic e-commerce sites a information platformseach project reflects our ability to adapt technological solutions to specific customer requirements. Our range of work includes solutions for innovative start-ups, established companiesand everything in between, each made to a standard of superior quality and an eye for the latest trends in design and functionality. Take a look at our projects to see how we have helped companies turn their digital visions into reality tangible and impactful.

What makes our websites so exceptional?

What makes our websites exceptional is our focus on quality, innovation and efficiency. We incorporate the best WordPress pluginsselected to ensure optimal performance, rigorous security and an unrivalled user experience. Every site we create is a masterpiece of functionality, design and interactivity, designed for enhancing your online presence.

Classic Editor

Traditional, Intuitive Editing' - A plugin for a familiar and simple editing experience on WordPress.

Envato Elements

Creative Resources, Zero Copyright' - Access to an extensive photo archive for original web content.

Instant Images

Rapid Image Import' - Plugin for easily importing high-quality images into WordPress.

Gravity Forms

Customisable, Extensible Forms' - Create contact forms with over 20 extensions, adaptable to every need.


Enhance Engagement with Notifications' - Send push notifications to increase traffic and engagement.

All in One WP Security

Integrated WordPress Security' - Protects your site from threats, strengthens security and monitors access.


Complete SEO Optimisation' - Improve SEO, traffic and social sharing, with sitemap and redirect management.

Site Kit by Google

Google Data Analysis Simplified' - Easily integrate Search Console and Google Analytics on your site.


Advanced Image Optimisation' - Reduce the weight of images for a faster and lighter website.

TinyMCE Advanced

Advanced Visual Editor' - Enrich your site with a customisable visual editor.


Advanced Caching for Speed' - Improve site speed with optimised cache management.

WP Optimise

Clean and Optimise Database' - Improve performance and reduce storage space required.


Multifunctionality for WordPress' - Security, optimised performance, and detailed statistics.


GDPR/CCPA Compliance Simplified' - Manage cookie alerts and customisable policies for legal compliance.

Elementor Pro

Revolutionary Page Creation' - Simplify page and site creation with an intuitive page builder.

Yes, but is it complicated to handle?

Absolutely not, sites with WordPress and Elementor are easy to use. You can find on the Gianluca's YouTube channel lots of videos on all the new features and on solving the most common problems. And if you really can't, you can open a support ticket by writing to