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Trasforma il tuo E-commerce in un app è possibile collegarlo a WooCommerce, Shopify e altri sistemi.

Collection & Delivery

Do you have a physical shop on the road? Boost your visibility and offer a pick-up and delivery service.


Would you like to have a real app to display your restaurant menu? You can even manage delivery!

Blogs & Megazines

You can link your blog natively to the app and display the same articles in a modern, neat design.

Online Courses

Create an E-learning platform and make courses accessible also from your app, anywhere, anytime.

Reservation services

Hairdressers, beauty salons or any other service that requires booking will have a booking integrated into the app.


If you are a content creator, you can engage your audience with a fantastic app linked to YouTube

Corporate App

Create the app that represents your company, inspires more trust and authority and communicates with your customers with notifications and text messages.


If the predefined templates we have come up with are not for you, you can always ask us to create your own customised app.

Your App in the App Store, Google Play and on the web

Native Apps

Native apps are written in the specific language of each operating system, which allows them to be fluid and gives 100% access to the capabilities of the smartphone. (Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android)

PWA, Google Play and App Store

We can publish your app online as if it were a website or create a redirect by generating a sub-domain such as or, we provide all the support for publishing on Google Play and the App Store so you can show off and have all your users download your app!

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app development,professional apps,custom-made apps,attractive design,advanced functionality,free quote,business,technology,innovation,experience.

Your PWA for € 49.00 + VAT per year!

PWAs are a very powerful tool and allow you to have your own app without going under store regulations. They are very similar to a native app, can use device features such as installation, push notifications, offline use and much more, and are also lighter!

As a website

If you don't have a website, you can use your PWA with your main domain. Doing so will give you a website for desktops, tablets and smartphones that is always optimised and fast. SEO global and on each individual page, and communicate the sitemap to all search engines.

A comprehensive, multilingual dashboard at the click of a button

Manage all content in your app with a comprehensive and intuitive management system. Publish articles, videos, maps, events, podcasts and more or link your App to your website or E-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a developer account?

To publish your native app in the stores, you need an account Apple developer (99$/year) and an account Android developer (25$/one-off) Thanks to these registrations you will be able to publish your app on the stores.

The developer account is also required to test your native app on Apple devices.

If you want to distribute your app outside the App Store, you need to open not just a developer account but an Apple account Enterprise Developer (299$/year).

Can I avoid paying developer accounts

As far as Android is concerned, we can publish the app under our Google account Developers although we do not recommend it as if there are problems with our account of any nature your app could also be removed.

As far as apple is concerned, the rules prohibit publishing apps in the name of our customers so each individual company must have its own Apple Developers account, once created we can administer your account by adding our e-mail as administrator.

Further information is available at the following link:

What is a native app?

A native app is an application made in the native language of the device and is Swift for Apple and Kotlin for Android, which makes the app fast and with an unparalleled user experience.

What is a PWA

PWA i.e. Progressive Web App works through a browser, combining the best of mobile applications. PWA is built in Angular JS 4.0 and offers a high-level user experience.

I cannot publish my App in the Apple Store, why is that?

In some cases, apps made with a builder are blocked by Apple, so you have to do a complete overhaul and be sure that the app complies with the guidelines the App Store.

If you cannot publish your app we can do it for you at a cost of € 1000 + VAT and € 100 for each update.

Why a subscription?

Our service not only allows you to create your app but also to manage it, for each app we reserve dedicated resources that are hosted on external servers, by paying the subscription it is as if you were paying for the web space for your app and you also help us in our work as we add new features every month!

Can I use your app without a subscription?

Our technology makes the app smooth and easy to customise and manage, which makes it compulsory to activate our panel and thus the subscription.

Does my app work offline?

Yes, this applies to native apps but also to PWAs. As soon as the app is opened, all displayed content is cached. All native apps rely on the SDK functionality of iOS and Android, while for PWAs the service worker is used.

How long does it take to create an app?

You can create your own app with just a few hours of work, we provide ready-made templates and all necessary support via ticket by writing to, if you don't have time we can make your app for you, just ask us for a quote.

Should I create 3 different Apps?

Absolutely not, our system generates all three source codes at the same time, as far as Apple and Android are concerned, we will assist you with the implementation of the certificates and APIs required to make the Apps work.

Can I earn money with my app?

There are several strategies you can adopt to monetise your app:

  1. You can set a download cost for your application, so that you earn money for each person who downloads it.
  2. You can integrate different types of advertising, you can integrate Google's AD Mob or Facebook advertising and earn for the views and clicks generated.
  3. You can install an internal advertising channel and manage the advertisements yourself by making partnerships with other brands.


We have been making apps since 2016, which is why we wanted to make our system accessible to everyone, you are completely autonomous, or we take care of everything from implementation to publication. 


Your site/app

69,00 + VAT / Annual
  • PWA
  • Native App
  • E-Commerce
  • Publication on the Play Store*
  • Publication on the App Store*
  • 10 Gb of Space
  • 30k Push Notifications
  • 1 Account Collaborator
  • Unlimited traffic

PWA E-Commerce

Comprehensive online shop

99,00 + VAT / Annual
  • PWA
  • Native App
  • E-Commerce
  • Publication on the Play Store*
  • Publication on the App Store*
  • 10 Gb of Space
  • 30k Push Notifications
  • 1 Account Collaborator
  • Unlimited traffic

Full Native App

Site and App

240 + VAT / Annual
  • PWA
  • Native App
  • E-Commerce
  • Publication on the Play Store*
  • Publication on the App Store*
  • 30 Gb of Space
  • 50k Push Notifications
  • 3 Contributing Accounts
  • Unlimited traffic

*Publication on the stores has an additional cost of € 1000 per store and € 100 per update.
Subscriptions give access to the dashboard and not to the realisation of the app, so in order to have a complete product, it is advisable to request a quote first.

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