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If you wish to achieve greater visibility on the search engine of Google, we can support you in defining the best campaign Google ADS. By thoroughly researching the most effective keywords for your business, we are able to increase the reliability and popularity of your website.

+ Clicks = + Visits = + Sales

Every day, a multitude of potential customers search for products and services like yours on Google. However, if your website does not appear in the first positions of search resultsthis translates into a significant loss of daily earning opportunities. There is no mystery about this: our experience shows that the conversion rate of visits in purchases is about 3%. Therefore, for maximise your profitsis crucial increase traffic to your site. Implementing effective search engine optimisation strategies, you can improve your ranking in search results by capturing the attention of a wider public and turning more visits into concrete sales.

Google ADS,Online Advertising,Advertising Campaigns,Experience,Skills,Results,Marketing,Google Advertising,Optimisation,Conversions
Google ADS,Online Advertising,Advertising Campaigns,Experience,Skills,Results,Marketing,Google Advertising,Optimisation,Conversions

The campaign for every need.

That's right, Google offers a variety of effective solutions for attract potential customers to your website. Among the main systems offered by Google are:

  1. Google Ads: A powerful online advertising tool that allows you to create targeted ads to appear in Google search results and on its network of partner sites. This system uses the pay-per-click (PPC)allowing payment only when users click on the advertisements.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): While not a direct product of Google, the search engine provides guidelines and tools, such as Google Analytics e Google Search Consoleto optimise your site so that it appears higher in organic search results.

  3. Google My Business: Ideal for local companies, this platform allows you to manage your online presence through Google, including Search and Maps, helping customers easily find your business and learn more about it.

  4. Google Merchant Centre: For retailers wishing to sell products online, Google Merchant Center allows them to upload the product information and make them available for advertising and other Google services.

  5. Google Display Network: This network allows you to position graphic advertisements on a wide range of websites, apps and video platforms, reaching an even wider audience.

These solutions, used strategically, can significantly increase traffic to your websiteand improve visibility and the ability to attract and convert visitors into customers.

Google Partners

We are Google Partnersan accolade that confirms our commitment and expertise in the field of digital marketing. This status is the result of passing several strict requirements imposed by Googlewhich include:

  1. Yield: Our performance is measured on theincreased investment of our customers and their loyalty in the Google Ads circuit. This demonstrates our ability to optimise advertising campaigns to maximise return on investment.

  2. Managed Expenditure: A key indicator of our customer experience and trust is managed advertising spend. To maintain Google Partner status, our customers' total spend must be equal to or greater than 10,000 $ in the last 90 days. Currently, we manage a budget of 92.121,00 $a fact that underlines our reliability and competence (updated to 02/12/2023).

  3. Certifications: It is essential that at least one person in our team has passed the annual Google certificationswhich require constant updating of skills through annual examinations. This ensures that our team is always up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing.

This Google Partner status is a tangible sign of our ability to offer high-quality digital marketing services, guaranteeing our customers optimal results and effective online visibility.

Google ADS,Online Advertising,Advertising Campaigns,Experience,Skills,Results,Marketing,Google Advertising,Optimisation,Conversions

Google Grants 10.000$ every month!

Are you a non-profit organisation? Did you know that Google offers a monthly budget of 10.000$ for advertising your activities through its programme Google Ad Grants? This support is an exceptional opportunity to increase visibility and promote your organisation's initiatives.

The budget is available for the following types of non-profit organisations:

  1. Charities: Organisations dedicated to charitable or humanitarian activities.
  2. Educational organisations: Institutions involved in education, training and research.
  3. Cultural Associations: Bodies promoting the arts, culture or heritage conservation.
  4. Environmental organisations: Groups dedicated to environmental protection and raising awareness on ecological issues.
  5. Health and social welfare organisations: Organisations offering health services, social care or support to vulnerable groups.

To be eligible for this programme, your organisation must meet certain requirements set by Google, such as having recognised non-profit status in your country and adhering to Google Ad Grants policies. Once approved, you can use this budget to create Google Ads campaigns, increasing awareness and involvement in your cause.

Taking advantage of Google Ad Grants can be a turning point for your organisation, giving you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and have a greater impact.

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From G Tech Groupwe understand the importance of efficient advertising management without surprises. For this reason, we do not charge creation or configuration costs of your campaigns. Our offer is based on flexible subscriptions - choose between quarterly or ongoing options, focusing exclusively on managing your advertising activities.

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