On this page is a list of our best business partners that we use every day to deliver our services, many of which require certifications that we renew every year.

Google Partner since 2016

We have been a Google Partner for more than 5 years and this is due to the numerous campaigns we follow every day, we administer around € 50,000.00 of budget invested each month by our customers and we follow customers with Google ADS since 2012.

Microsoft Partner from 2021

Due to our position as a Microsft Partner, we specialise in the provision of Office 365 services, a valuable tool we use to support medium-sized and large companies in cloud services.

Shellrent Partner from 2021

Through our partnership with shellrent we offer domains, hosting, servers and other web services.
Our partnership with shellrent allows us to customise our hosting solutions according to customer needs.


Sky Media Advertising Manager Partner from 2021

We were chosen by Sky as one of the first Italian partners for the testing of the new Sky platform for the delivery of advertising on their entire circuit also on TV.


Aruba Partner since 2019

We partner with Aruba for all digital and administrative services such as: pec mailboxes and digital signatures

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