5 Essential Tips for Enhancing WordPress Security

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The digital world, while offering infinite possibilities, can also present numerous risks. One of the most widely used platforms in the world for creating websites, WordPressis not exempt from these threats. However, by adopting a few effective strategies, you can considerably strengthen the security of your WordPress site.

1. Regular Updates

Every WordPress site owner knows how tempting it can be to procrastinate or completely ignore updates proposed by the platform. However, this attitude can expose your site to serious risks. Every version of WordPress, as well as its themes and plugins, can have vulnerabilities. Over time, developers identify and fix these problems, releasing updates that strengthen security.

In addition to solving potential security problems, updates can also offer new features, improve speed and compatibility with new browsers and devices. Not updating therefore means not only putting your site at risk, but also depriving yourself of potential improvements.

Having said that, it is also understood that maintaining a constantly updated site can take time and energy. For those who do not have the time or expertise to do so, there are professional services such as RescueWP.it. This service monitors, updates and securely maintains your WordPress site, giving you the peace of mind that your site is always protected and performing well.

Council: Do not postpone updates. If you feel that you cannot manage the maintenance of your site on your own, consider using a specialised service such as SoccorsoWP.it.

2. Choosing Complex Passwords

One of the most common threats on the web is unauthorised access to platforms and services, often caused by the use of weak or easily guessable passwords. A strong password is a combination of characters, numbers and symbols, which has no logical meaning or recognisable sequence. However, remembering complex passwords for every service we use can become a daunting task.

This is where password managers come in. These software tools securely store all your passwords, allowing you to access all your accounts with a single 'master password'. In addition, many of these tools can generate complex passwords for you.

Here is a list of five of the most reputable password managers:

  1. LastPassVisit the site
  2. 1PasswordVisit the site
  3. DashlaneVisit the site
  4. BitwardenVisit the site
  5. KeePassXCVisit the site

Council: Don't underestimate the importance of a strong password. Use a password manager to ensure you have secure and unique credentials for each service, including your WordPress site.

3. Limiting Access Attempts

In an ecosystem as vast and dynamic as WordPress, ensuring the security of your site is essential. Security plugins become, in this context, indispensable tools for protecting your site from external threats and vulnerabilities. We at G Tech Group we have a predilection for one plugin in particular: All in One WP. The reason? This tool offers us the possibility of customising dozens of security parameters, allowing us to adapt the security settings to the specific needs of each site we manage, thus always guaranteeing the best possible setup.

Here is a list of some of the best security plugins for WordPress that you might consider for protecting your site:

  1. All in One WP Security & FirewallVisit the site
  2. Wordfence Security - Firewall & Malware ScanVisit the site
  3. iThemes SecurityVisit the site
  4. Sucuri Security - Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security HardeningVisit the site
  5. WP fail2banVisit the site

Council: A good security plugin is your bulwark against potential attacks. Choosing the right tool and configuring it correctly makes the difference between a secure site and one that is exposed to risks.

4. Regular Backups

A website, however protected and secure it may be, is never entirely safe from the unexpected. Precisely for this reason, regular backups are essential. Think of backups as a kind of 'insurance policy' for your site: in the event of problems, you will always have a safe copy to refer to in order to restore everything. And, in this context, the rescueWP.it represents a solution of excellence: whoever decides to activate our service will not only have the certainty of having all updates handled with care and precision by our team, but will also have the privilege of having daily backups included. This means having the peace of mind of a fresh, up-to-date copy of the site, every single day.

Are you looking for reliable plugins for backups on WordPress? Here's a list of the best ones, accompanied by direct links to learn more:

  1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup PluginVisit the site
  2. BackWPup – Plugin di Backup WordPressVisit the site
  3. Duplicator - WordPress Backup and Migration PluginVisit the site
  4. VaultPress (now part of Jetpack Backup)Visit the site
  5. WP Time CapsuleVisit the site

Council: Never underestimate the importance of backups. In a constantly changing environment like the web, having the security of a recent backup is the key to sleeping soundly.

5. Choosing Plugins and Themes from Reliable Sources

When it comes to WordPress, its vast library of plugins and themes is certainly one of its main strengths, but it can also become a major vulnerability if not managed properly. Just as in any software, what does not come from a reliable source can hide risks and threats.

The choice of plugin e themes from trusted sources is crucial to maintaining the integrity and security of your website. Here's why:

  1. Clean and Well Written Code: Reliable sources often offer products with well-written and optimised code, minimising potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Regular Updates: A plugin or theme from a reliable source will be regularly updated, correcting any vulnerabilities that emerge.
  3. Professional Support: In case of problems or doubts about safety, having the support of professionals is a real godsend.

How to recognise a reliable source? First of all, it is always good to read user reviews and look for information about the developer or company behind the product. Check how often the plugin or theme is updated: a frequent lack of updates may indicate that the product is no longer actively supported.

Also, avoid downloading plugins or themes from unofficial third-party sites. Although they might offer 'premium' products for free, there is always the risk that these files contain malware or malicious code. Always official WordPress repository is the safest starting point for downloading plugins and themes.

So is WordPress safe?

Increasing the security of your WordPress site requires attention and perseverance, but by following these tips you can sleep soundly knowing that your site is well protected.

If you have any problems or further questions about WordPress security, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via WhatsApp.

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