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In the digital age in which we live, the creation and management of web content has become a key activity for anyone who wants to establish themselves online. WordPressthe content management system (CMS) più utilizzato al mondo, ha subito molte evoluzioni nel corso degli anni. Una di queste è stata l’introduzione di Gutenberg, l’editor a blocchi che ha rivoluzionato il modo in cui gli utenti interagiscono con il CMS. Tuttavia, questa evoluzione non è stata accolta positivamente da tutti gli utenti, dando vita alla nascita e alla popolarità del plugin Classic Editor.

The Classic Editor is a WordPress plugin that restores the editing environment prior to WordPress version 5.0, the one that introduced Gutenberg. Its goal is to provide users with a familiar, consolidated interface, reducing the learning curve and facilitating content management for those accustomed to the old style of WordPress.

Why is Classic Editor so Popular?

The Classic Editor is more than just nostalgia. It offers an interface user-friendly which has been the norm for years. For many, it represents a simpler and more straightforward solution for content creation. This is especially true for those who do not need the advanced functionality offered by Gutenberg.

Another important aspect is the compatibility. Some themes and plugins have been created specifically for the Classic Editor interface and may not work properly with Gutenberg. By using the Classic Editor, users can ensure that all the tools and features they have used in the past continue to work without any problems.

Features and Benefits of the Classic Editor

  1. Intuitive interfaceFor those already familiar with WordPress, the Classic Editor is a familiar and comfortable working environment.
  2. Greater control over contentUnlike the block editor, the Classic Editor allows more traditional text handling, similar to that of common word processors.
  3. Compatibility with existing plugins and themesMany websites were built and customised before the introduction of Gutenberg, making the Classic Editor the best choice for maintaining compatibility.
  4. Less learningFor new users who find Gutenberg too complicated, the Classic Editor is a more accessible solution.

Impact of the Classic Editor on SEO

From the point of view of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the Classic Editor has no direct impact on the performance of a site. However, it can indirectly influence SEO. A more intuitive and user-friendly editor can lead to better quality content, higher publication frequency and a better user experience, all of which positively influence search engine rankings.

In addition, for those using SEO plugins such as Yoast, the Classic Editor offers a more familiar and easy-to-manage interface, allowing users to optimise their content more efficiently.

Final Considerations

In conclusion, the Classic Editor remains a solid choice for WordPress users who prefer a more traditional editing experience. It offers simplicity, familiarity and compatibility, making it a viable option especially for pre-existing sites or less technologically inclined users.

The choice between Classic Editor and Gutenberg depends largely on personal preferences and site-specific requirements. For some, the modernity and flexibility of Gutenberg are indispensable, while for others the simplicity and familiarity of the Classic Editor are irreplaceable.

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