How to choose ecommerce hosting

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Ecommerce hostingsome tips for choosing the most suitable network service for your online sales site.

The online trade is one of those sectors that has largely taken off in recent years, to the extent that it has taken some ground away from the traditional one. The needs of consumers have in fact changed over time, to the point of prompting insiders to take an interest in a new frontier of business.

Nowadays, an increasing number of users prefer to make their purchases from the comfort of their mobile device, without having to physically go to a shop. As a result, brands and entrepreneurs have fully understood the potential of so-called e-commerce and have adapted their activities to it. The creation of a ecommerce is therefore the ideal choice to meet the huge demand for buying and selling on the Internet.

Ecommerce hosting

Before delving into the subject at hand, it is appropriate to explain what hosting is, perhaps for those who are not fully versed in IT. It consists of a network space in which a website is housed. Already from the term one can understand the meaning, derived from the English to host, which means precisely to host. This service is of great importance to ensure a constant presence in the online world.

Ciò vale non solo per i classici siti web, utilizzati per pubblicare contenuti, ad esempio magazine o blog, ma anche per fini più ampi, come quelli rappresentati da un e-commerce, una sorta di negozio adibito alla vendita e all’acquisto di prodotti in rete.

For a functional and efficient online marketplace from a remunerative point of view, it is not enough to create attractive graphics, perhaps combined with the use of a high-level CMS. Goals such as sales or achieving better indexing can be thwarted if good hosting is not chosen.

How to choose ecommerce hosting

How to choose ecommerce hosting

We have observed that one should not only think about the structure of the site. The place where it 'should take up residence' is also important. To choose a ecommerce hosting it is useful to follow a few guidelines that allow you to veer towards the one best suited to your needs:

  • Backup. One of the most relevant skills is to save all information. In the event of a virus attack or technical problems, data saving of all data can be functional. It would be useful to have a cloud space on which to post backups;
  • Adaptability. Not all hosting is suitable for every situation. Depending on the characteristics of your site, you should choose the most suitable one. The higher the visitor traffic and memory occupancy, the greater the need for higher performance hosting;
  • If the performance is high, with an optimal structure attached, the web presence of the site will be even more tested. A good benchmark is uptime, which equates to the amount of time the system remains active, exceeding 99 per cent each year. Thus downtime will be close to zero;
  • Space. A site dedicated to the sale of products occupies a not inconsiderable amount of space. It is advantageous to choose a large one, which is ideal when additional information (such as new pages or products) is to be included or when the number of views is to be increased;
  • Attention to privacy. Security is a fundamental aspect. A significant step is to carefully examine the contract concluded, so that you are aware of what the hosting offers;
  • Support. User support is an addition that can make all the difference. It is not uncommon when it becomes essential to interact with experts in order to solve a certain issue; specialists who not only handle ordinary tasks, but who are ready to intervene when needed.

Best ecommerce hosting

After outlining some useful tips on ecommerce hosting, here are some web spaces excellent value for money:

  1. Prestashop Linux Web Hosting, at just under 290 euro per year, with ssd web space, mailboxes email 5 gb and unlimited traffic;
  2. Web Hosting Linux WordPressfor EUR 139.99 over 12 months, with 5 third-level domains and 10 MySQL databases.


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