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Il nostro preventivatore online ti consente di stima autonoma e precisa i costi per la realizzazione di un sito web, un’app, un CRM o una campagna di web marketing. Personalizza il tuo progetto e ottieni subito un preventivo dettagliato!

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This section allows you to customise your website by choosing the specific features you need. Remember, each added feature can increase the complexity and cost of your website.

Utilizzo di un tema WordPress predefinito già costruito

A premium WordPress theme with extra functionality and customisation.

Changes to the layout or design of the chosen theme.

Creating a unique logo for your site.

Basic search engine optimisation.

Advanced search engine optimisation.

Buttons to share your content on social media.

Addition of a photo gallery.

Monitoring of visitor and behaviour statistics.

It allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Adding a forum to your site

A form to contact you directly from the site.

Possibility to chat in real time with visitors.

Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, including consent forms, handling of user requests and review of privacy policies.

Show your location with Google Maps.

Addition of a frequently asked questions section.

Possibility of translating the site into several languages.

It allows your customers to leave reviews and ratings of your products or services directly on your site.

Addition of a blog section to the site.

It allows visitors to book appointments or services.

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Select the service you need

Choose a primary service; depending on your choice, you will then have the opportunity to request a further service, which can either complement or supplement the first.

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Type of application

2D game only

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Game Design

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Targeted devices

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Tell us how you want to make your website, select the pages you want on the website

How many pages do you want to realise? example:

We offer a content writing service for your website, where our experts will create engaging, search engine optimised texts that reflect your brand and reach your target audience.

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Domain & Hosting

Let's start by selecting the options for purchasing the domain and managing the hosting of your site.

Domain means the name of the website, such as name.it (the cost may vary depending on the type of domain for .it .com and .eu extensions the cost is always € 15 per domain)

Ideal for small websites, the hosting service offers a reliable and secure space for your site on a shared server. You will not have to worry about server maintenance, being able to concentrate only on the development of your site.

A VPS is the right choice for medium-sized websites that require dedicated resources. It offers more control and flexibility than shared hosting, allowing you to manage a virtual private server environment.

If you manage a large website with high traffic volumes, the dedicated server option is the optimal solution. You will have the entire server at your disposal, with full control over resources and configurations, guaranteeing high performance and security.

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How you want your website

Optimisation and customisation specifically for mobile devices.

Creation of a design exclusively for computer display.

Flexible design suitable for all screen sizes and devices.

Flat Design is a graphic design style that focuses on simplicity, clarity and functionality. It eliminates the use of three-dimensional effects, textures or elaborate shading, focusing instead on simple geometric shapes, bright colours and clear typography. In the context of website design, flat design aims to make the user interface simple and intuitive, facilitating site navigation and usability. It is particularly popular in user interface design for mobile applications, but is also used in many modern websites.

'Retina Support' is a term used to describe the support of high-resolution images in a website or app. The term 'Retina' was introduced by Apple and refers to displays that have such a high pixel density that the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels at a normal viewing distance.

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WordPress is an open-source web publishing platform for creating and managing websites.

A coded site is developed from scratch, written and customised manually using web programming languages.

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Latest details

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Prioritise your website but increase the cost of 30%

Delivery can also be made earlier without extra charge.

If you introduce 3 people who purchase one of our products, you will immediately receive a €500 discount. Share the contact details of these people with us and we will take care of offering them the best possible service. Your recommendation is valuable to us!

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