What is a VPN: protect your data while surfing the web

what is a vpn, what is a vpn network

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What is a VPNthe best solution for protecting one's data while surfing online by making it unreadable to third parties.

Surfing the net is one of the habits we tend to perform with great ease and ease. The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and notebooks has not surprisingly further increased the use of this service, which has become indispensable in our lives.

However, the web can become a very insidious place, with more or less serious potential risks that a user can run into at any time. In fact, it is well known that the world of the Internet can be very dangerous, with the possibility of be subject to hacker attacks or find themselves vulnerable when it comes to safeguarding privacy. Our data are therefore in real danger at some junctures. To avoid the occurrence of these phenomena, a VPN can certainly be the best solution to the problem. But what is a VPN? How does it work? In the following, we will answer these questions by examining the features of this service and what the enormous advantages are for users.

What is a VPN

It is easy to understand from the acronym what is a VPNor Virtual Private Networkvirtual private network. It is a system that ensures a high degree of security while surfing, creating a kind of a private connection to be used instead of the public one:

  • encrypts Internet traffic
  • hides the IP address as well as the virtual location

La encryption rende praticamente invisibili i propri dati a soggetti terziwhether they are malicious or simply one's own Internet service provider. To explain what is a VPN we can take as a point of reference the access to any server as soon as a website is accessed. With this tool, the connection is hijacked via a remote server, making sensitive information such as the IP address, location or type of browser used practically unreadable.

what is a vpn

Why use a VPN?

We have therefore seen what a VPN is, but the motivations for users to use this service are different:

  • increased security and data protection
  • use of certain services otherwise not accessible in foreign countries
  • viewing of exclusive content for certain countries

Security is certainly the primary reason given the rate of exposure we pour into the web, with data in serious danger especially when accessing websites that do not contain the https protection certificate. Or when connecting to public wifisuch as those at airports, railway stations, etc. But this is only one of the advantages, albeit the most significant.

Very useful is the possibility of accessing the classic services normally used such as Google, Whatsapp or Facebook also in countries where they are under censorship and therefore unreachable. But with a VPN this impediment can be overcome, bypassing the public connection. Similar aspects may also apply to those foreign services such as streaming platforms only available in the United States.

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what is a vpn, what is a vpn network
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