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How to increase visits to your site: the best strategies to increase the number of clicks on your platform.

The success of a company on the Internet depends essentially on its ability to attract new customers in the medium and long term. They are in fact the needle in the balance that affects the reach of a business, and thus reduce the distance between brand and user is the main focus that every entrepreneur should aim for from the outset.

You would therefore like to make the network public aware of the products and services you offer, which you display in the corporate website. Or better still, you want to gain as much visibility as possible in order to secure a good share of the market. Let us therefore see how to increase visits to your site.

How to generate site traffic

You have recently opened your own web space to advertise your business activity, but the views of your content are unfortunately still very low. Or perhaps you have had a company blog for a long time, but the results in terms of clicks are really poor.

How to increase visits to your site

To increase access to your blog or e-commerce you must put in place on a truly effective communication aimed at making increase traffic to your website. And consequently create a brand image that is easily recognisable and, moreover, appreciated by the public. A condition that becomes possible are if you can make content attractive both surfers and, above all, search engines. This is how to increase visits to your website. But let us analyse which elements to adopt within your strategy.

  1. Index your pages on Google

If you want to increase visuals, you must first consider one very specific element:"stimulate' Google to index your pages. When you type a keyword into the search bar, the SERP delivers a series of results based precisely on the terms you entered. If your article is well positioned, and thus in the first 10 to 15 results, there is a good chance that it will be read by more users.

increase blog visits

To achieve this you must pursue a job SEO taking into account a number of parameters including keyword research and many other elements that you can take a closer look at in this link. You can use one of the many SEO plug-ins on WordPress; you can make use of the various programmes for choosing the most searched keywords on the net (SeoZoom above all).

  1. Disseminate and share your content on a regular basis

One of the ways to create more hits on a website is certainly consistency in the publication of content. The search engine in fact rewards those who assiduously publish new articles on their blog. Disseminating content does not only mean publishing a lot, but also taking full advantage of all those tools that technology makes available to us, e.g. social media.

Share on Instagram or Facebook your article is a clever way on how to increase visits to one's own site and further boost traffic.

  1. Take advantage of e-mail marketing services

If you notice an increase in clicks then it is time to 'hoard' users' e-mail addresses in order to send periodic communications about your company and stimulate them to buy your products again. Creating a newsletter or banner for sending push notifications is a very good idea, especially since it is the person himself who voluntarily gives his e-mail address. In this way you can send promotional messages to hundreds of people who are really interested in what you are offering.

increase site visibility

How to increase visits to your site: choose digital communication professionals

We have seen that in order to increase visits to a website, you have to plan a broad strategy that takes into account many factors that have to be linked together. Elements that, taken alone, are unlikely to bring you the desired results.

If you are a freelancer who wants to make a name for yourself on the web or you own a corporate website and want to grow traffic on your platform, contact us on our social media or request a consultation on Google Meet. With our team, we take care of the management and realisation of effective SEO campaigns with which to achieve greater visibility on the Internet.

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