Anna Macchia


Construction and Building

Technologies Used

Elementor, Gravity Forms, Imagify

Anna Macchia's website, built with WordPress and Elementor, has an interesting feature for managing real estate. Thanks to the creation of a customised PostType called 'Real Estate', Anna Macchia can easily upload and manage real estate advertisements directly from WordPress.

Main features:

  • Customisation and Ease of Management: The PostType 'Real Estate' allows you to enter all the main information about real estate, making the management of advertisements simple and intuitive.
  • Site Navigation: The site includes sections such as 'Home', 'About me', 'Real Estate', 'Blog', and a section for those wishing to sell or rent a property.
  • Example of a Real Estate Ad: Among the ads, there is a villa for sale in Mentana, with specific location details and other important features, demonstrating the effectiveness of customised PostType in presenting information.

Impact and Use: This customisation of the website allows Anna Macchia to offer an improved user experience, with clear and detailed property listings. It is an example of how web technologies can be adapted to meet specific needs, in this case, for the efficient management of real estate listings.

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