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Technologies Used

Gravity Forms, Imagify, Jetpack, SEOPress

The Reflections Menorah website, developed with WordPress and Elementor, serves as an information platform focused on topics related to Judaism, Israel, and Jewish culture and society. The site is characterised by a wealth of editorial and informative content.

Project details:

  • Subdivision of Content: The site features several thematic sections such as 'About Us', 'Editorials', 'Israel', 'Judaism', 'Rome', 'Italy', 'World', 'Institutions', 'Society', 'Culture', and 'Events', ensuring a wide and varied coverage of topics related to the Jewish community and its interests.
  • Focus on Culture and Society: The culture and society sections offer insights into various cultural events, social events and economic topics relevant to the Jewish community.

Impact and Use: Reflections Menorah is an important information and educational resource for anyone interested in Jewish culture, politics and social issues related to Israel and the Jewish diaspora. The structure of the site, together with the variety of content offered, makes it an important reference point for cultural, historical and contemporary insights.

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