Registered domain, what to do?

registered domain

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Registered domainwhich solution to adopt if the name chosen for your website is already occupied.

A website is the primary means of maintaining a strong online presence. It is regarded as the gateway to the public, through which to showcase one's business. Whether it is a blog, an online magazine or a page to advertise a business, the indispensable element on which it rests is the domainthe name you want to give to this web space.

To better understand what we are talking about, it is useful to consider that it corresponds specifically to the literal counterpart of theIP address, a numerical series created to recognise the site when it is to be hosted on the hosting server.

Therefore, it can be understood as a bridge that facilitates the user experience, who enters the name of the site, i.e. the domain, instead of a series of numbers. This is a rather succinct but at the same time effective explanation for a better grasp of the concept.

Registered domain, what to do

The domain is positioned after the url and the word www. (e.g. ours is It is characterised by different levels:

  • Extensionsuch as the classic .it (to indicate the country) or .com (for companies and organisations);
  • Namee.g. the brand that identifies one's business, but also the surname, etc;

These are the two constituent points of the domain. As soon as it is designed and registered, it remains usable by the user until the end of the contract, which is usually renewable annually. In addition to them we find a third party:

  • Subdomainplaced to the left of the name.

We have seen how the choice of a name when creating a new website is the first step. After weighing up the various options, it is necessary to check whether it is usable.

In some cases there may be a registered domain by others, resulting in the abandonment of the first idea and the search for another appellation to use.

How to check domain availability

There are several applications on the web that can offer a domain name by searching among those available. Choosing the most functional and reliable one is not easy, given the numerous software available on the market.

A valid option is represented by Gtechgroup Automatic Domain BackorderThis is an excellent ally when the domain name you are looking for turns out to be occupied each time. This software automatically analyses which one is currently available, searching several times a day, and registers it.

This fits in perfectly with the policy of brand protectionwhich we strongly urge our customers to lock their domain and prevent other users from appropriating it, in order to avoid advertising and brand confusion issues. It is therefore advisable to register several domains with the same term used for the main one.


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