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In a world where theattention is valuable currency, effectively reaching one's audience is an absolute necessity for every company. It is not just a matter of conveying a messagebut to do so in a way that resonates personally with each individual, creating a direct and lasting bond. The platform of G Tech Group emerges as a beacon in the digital ocean, offering a comprehensive, state-of-the-art suite for the marketing via SMS and WhatsApp. With this instrument, the communication is transformed, embracing not only speed and effectiveness but also the customisation on a large scale. The result? An unprecedented two-way dialogue with your target audience, bringing your message not only into their hands but into their hearts.

The Modern Marketing Imperative: Why SMS and WhatsApp?

Why you should consider SMS and WhatsApp as pillars of your marketing strategy? The answer is simple: immedesimation and ubiquity. SMS boasts a 95% opening rate within three minutes by reception, a phenomenon unmatched by any other direct communication channel. WhatsApp, on the other hand, with its over 2 billion monthly active usersstands like a global platform where conversations flow naturally and constantly. By harnessing the intimacy and pervasiveness of these channels, any company can ensure not only that its messages are delivered, but that they are also read and considered. In an age of information overload, this is more than a competitive advantage; it is a revolution in the way relationship marketing is conceived.

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G Tech Group: Not Just a Platform, but an Integrated Messaging Ecosystem

What distinguishes the platform from the myriad of services on the market? First of all, its intuitivenessfirstly, the user interface is designed to be accessible, making the launch of mass communication campaigns immediate even for non-technical people. Secondly, the G Tech Group's platform is a real integrated ecosystemcapable of providing a granular control on every aspect of messaging: fromautomation to theperformance analysis, from targeting to thedata-driven optimisation. Our one-stop solution allows you to manage and coordinate marketing campaigns on SMS and WhatsApp in a synchronised manner, ensuring a consistent user experience and a communicative coherence that amplifies the return on investment. With G Tech Group, you enter a new dimension of digital marketing, where every message you send is a piece of a larger, targeted and resonant strategy.

1. Ease of Use and Total Control

The G Tech Group platform is characterised by a intuitive dashboard which offers an immediate overview of your marketing activities. The procedure for registering a device has been simplified as much as possible: all you have to do is download gateway app, perform a simple scan of a QR code and you're done. In a few steps, you will be up and running and can start sending your messages. This level of accessibility allows you to maintain a complete control on each campaign, optimising your time and resources.

2. Automation and Customisation

L'automation of G Tech Group messages transforms the campaign creation process, making it not only more efficient but also incredibly targeted. You have the possibility of programming sending messages, segmenting the public based on different parameters and customise content for each segment. This ensures that every message sent is relevant to the recipient, significantly increasing the chances of engagement and response.

3. Real-Time Monitoring

The success of a marketing campaign is measured through results. With G Tech Group, you are never in the dark about the performance of your campaigns. The platform offers detailed statistics in real time, such as the delivery rate and replies received, allowing you to monitor e optimise your strategies constantly. This transparency and the ability to track every action in real time is crucial for making informed choices and continuously improving return on investment.

4. Integration and Scalability

Regardless of the size of your company, the G Tech Group platform is designed to scalar together with you. Its architecture is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing system, handling even large volumes of messages with ease. This means that as your business grows, G Tech Group grows with you, supporting your evolving needs without interruption or compromise.

5. Support and Security

Data protection is at the top of the G Tech Group's priority list. The platform guarantees maximum security of your information and that of your customers, using state-of-the-art technology. In addition, a support team dedicated is always available to assist you with any doubts or problems, ensuring a timely response and effective solution, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

But how are SMS sent via our APP?

For send SMS through our app, G Tech Group has created an Android application that acts as a intermediary between your messaging software and your SIM card. Although this application is not available in the official stores, you can easily and safely download it from the link provided:

Once the app is installed on your Android device, it will operate as a gatewayby broadcasting the messages you have programmed on the G Tech Group platform directly through your phone number. In practice, the app turns your smartphone into a powerful marketing toolcapable of sending SMS messages in a automated.

G Tech Group software interface with connected device.
app sms g tech group

The process is simple: after installation, the app will colleague to your G Tech Group account and uses your internet connection to receive the sending instructions. Then, via the SIM inserted in the device, it proceeds to thesending of SMS to the numbers selected in your campaign. You will be able to see the SMS sent directly in your messaging app, confirming that the message has been sent successfully.

This solution not only allows you to maximising effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns, but also guarantees a customisation and one precision unparalleled, taking advantage of the capillary SMS distribution network. Thanks to the G Tech Group app, the power of direct marketing is literally in your hands.

Sending WhatsApp Messages with G Tech Group: Simplicity and Efficiency via WhatsApp Web

The section WhatsApp of the SMS platform G Tech Group presents a well-organised user interface focused on the efficient management of communication and marketing on WhatsApp. The navigation menu on the left offers direct access to crucial functions such as viewing messages in tail, those posted e receivedmanagement of campaignsprogramming messages (scheduled), the management of groups and the administration of account.

The platform is designed to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience, ensuring that marketing activities on WhatsApp can be managed effectively and effortlessly. The centralisation of WhatsApp account management capabilities makes it easy for users to synchronise, monitor and optimise their communication campaigns directly from the G Tech Group platform.

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whatsapp marketing with sms platform g tech group

API and Integration with WordPress and WooCommerce

What makes the G Tech Group platform particularly remarkable is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of software and applications through the use of API links. This integration flexibility allows users to connect the platform with their existing systems, significantly expanding the possibilities for automated and customised communication.

An example of this powerful functionality is the application Woo Notification developed by the G Tech Group, designed specifically for sites WordPress and for the plugin e-commerce WooCommerce. With Woo Notification, users can link their WordPress site to automatically send SMS or WhatsApp notifications whenever a new article is published. For WooCommerce users, this means being able to send automatic messages to notify customers not only of a new order, but also of any change in order status. This level of automation and customisation of notifications allows eCommerce to keep customers informed in real time, improving the shopping experience and enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

In essence, G Tech Group offers a multi-channel communication solution which integrates seamlessly with customer platforms, providing a powerful and versatile tool for marketing and corporate communication.

Integration with our BrentaSoft management systems

The G Tech Group platform is further distinguished by its advanced integration with CRM BrentaSoftoffering exceptional functionality for both the SAAS and Customised versions of CRM. This integration allows users to automate the sending of notifications via SMS or WhatsApp for a variety of events and management tasks, improving the efficiency of business operations.

Thanks to this integration, when an ticket, sent a quoteissued a invoiceor completed many more task within BrentaSoft, the G Tech Group platform automatically sends the relevant communications. This not only reduces the time spent on manual tasks, but also ensures that customers and the team remain up-to-date on the status of business processes.

G Tech Group's ability to provide timely and automated communication via SMS and WhatsApp directly from the BrentaSoft CRM system represents significant added value for companies seeking to optimise their workflow and maintain a high level of engagement with customers and team members.

Innovation and Integration at the Service of Corporate Communication

In conclusion, the G Tech Group platform represents a revolutionary solution in the digital marketing and communication landscape. The key innovation lies in the seamless integration with a variety of systems and applications, including the BrentaSoft CRM and the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, through API links sophisticated and customisable.

With G Tech Group, companies gain the ability to send automated SMS or WhatsApp notifications in response to critical events such as opening a ticket, sending quotes, generating invoices and many other management tasks, directly through BrentaSoft CRM. This integration takes communication automation and customisation to the next level, greatly improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

The G Tech Group platform is a powerful ally for companies that want to maintain direct and meaningful interaction with their customers, ensuring that every message sent is timely, relevant and personalised. With simplified management, multi-channel communication and reliable support, G Tech Group confirms itself as a strategic choice for those wishing to explore new frontiers in relationship marketing and corporate communication management. Visit and discover how to transform your corporate communication today.

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