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The digital world revolves around speed. Whether you are streaming a film, working remotely or playing online games, a stable and fast internet connection is essential. That's where it comes in Speedtest: one of the most popular and reliable tools for measuring the speed of your Internet connection. But what exactly is Speedtest and how does it work? Let's find out together.

What is Speedtest?

Speedtest is an online tool that allows you to measure the speed of your Internet connection. Developed by OoklaOver the years, it has become the point of reference for millions of users who wish to have a clear picture of the performance of their network. Through its web page or its app, you can get detailed information on your download speed, upload speed and the latency of your connection.

How does it work?

The magic behind Speedtest is quite simple to understand, but extremely effective:

  1. Server Selection: When you start a test, Speedtest automatically selects the server closest to you. This ensures an accurate measurement as it reduces interference that could be caused by long distances.
  2. Download TestsOnce the server has been chosen, Speedtest starts by downloading a file to determine the download speed of your connection.
  3. Upload TestsAfter downloading, a file is uploaded to determine the upload speed.
  4. Latency measurementLatency, often called ping, represents the time it takes for a data packet to go from your device to the selected server and back.

At the end of the test, Speedtest provides a detailed report of all three metrics.

Why is it so important?

In the age of Netflix, Zoom and online games, the speed of your internet connection has never been more crucial. Knowing the actual speed of your connection allows you to:

  • Identify any problems with your Internet service provider.
  • Understand whether you are getting the service you pay for.
  • Make informed decisions about upgrading your connection or choosing a new provider.

Alternatives to Speedtest

In the vast world of connection speed measurements, Ookla's Speedtest is not the only player in the field. Here are five noteworthy alternatives that offer similar services, but with their own peculiarities:

  1. Fast.com: Developed by Netflix, this tool is extremely simple and provides information on download speed. Useful for those who want a quick, no-frills measurement. Visit Fast.com
  2. SpeedOf.MeThis tool uses HTML5, making it compatible with all devices and browsers. It provides a detailed graph of connection performance over time. Visit SpeedOf.Me
  3. TestMy.netUnlike many other speed tests, TestMy.net uses real data for its measurements, guaranteeing more accurate and realistic results. Visit TestMy.net
  4. Pingdom: Famous for its website monitoring tools, Pingdom also offers a connection speed test. Ideal for those looking for a more professional solution. Visit Pingdom
  5. Bandwidth PlaceIn addition to measuring connection speed, it also offers advice on how to improve it and offers a clean and intuitive user interface. Visit Bandwidth Place

Choosing the right platform depends on your needs and the type of information you are looking for. Explore these alternatives and choose the one that is right for you!

How to interpret the results?

While download and upload speeds are fairly intuitive (the higher the figure, the better the connection), latency may not be clear to everyone. In general, a latency below 20ms is considered excellent, while a latency above 100ms could cause problems, especially during video calls or online games.

Final considerations

Even if Speedtest offers a clear and detailed view of your Internet connection, it is important to remember that speed can vary depending on many factors, such as the time of day, the number of connected devices and the quality of your router.

In conclusion, knowing your connection speed is essential in this increasingly digital world. And Speedtest is the perfect tool to do so.

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