Creating an ecommerce with WordPress

create e-commerce for wordpress

Creating an ecommerce with WordPress: an affordable solution for everyone to start selling through their own website.

E-commerce has since its inception been a godsend for all entrepreneurs hit by a crisis that has led to very serious difficulties in selling products and services through traditional commercial channels. Fortunately, the network has multiplied the opportunities for investment in the market by leaps and bounds, with exponential growth resulting from new customers discovered even at a distance.

Therefore, anyone setting up a business cannot do without a website that can act as a virtual shop window. But before that it is necessary choose the CMS used as the platform for the realisation of the site. WordPress is the main solution, given its widespread use by millions and millions of users. But why should we creating an ecommerce with WordPress? What are the real reasons why it is worth choosing it over other competitors? Let's find out together.

Create an ecommerce with WordPress and start selling

Needless to say, this is counted as the most widely used CMS in the world. According to the latest estimates by the industry's data collection agencies, around seven out of ten users use this platform. Translated: more than half of all ecommerce websites are for WordPress. The reasons are quite basic:

  • Very easy to use
  • It features a large number of themes and plug-ins

Thus, creating an ecommerce with WordPress is an argument supported by two reasons. Firstly, the simplicity of usefollowed by the possibility of customising the e-commerce according to the characteristics of one's own business.

creating an ecommerce with wordpress

Themes and Plug-ins for everyone

Let's start with the fundamental factor that drives people to set up an ecommerce with WordPress. With a modicum of skill, anyone can manage it without any major fuss, even the less experienced who struggle with computer skills. The interface is really engaging and accessible, with the possibility of administering it according to one's needs and to the abundance of themes ad hoc, setting the 'façade' in relation to the graphic appearance that distinguishes one's brand

Hundreds instead plug-in available, additions that further enhance the user experience thanks to an adaptable characterisation depending on the type of activity to be launched. These programmes are in fact nothing more than extensions, additional functionalities to be implemented for different purposes, from the introduction of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter icons on the site to facilitate access f etc. to the use of management tools for the email.

To download them, simply click on the appropriate tab in the panel, find the desired application and download. At the same time, for professional use, it is advisable to opt for specific alternatives, e.g. those integrated with WooCommerce for autoresponder or shipment management activities

Do you want to open an e-commerce with WordPress? Reliability and remote support for your website

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We have seen how important creating an ecommerce site with WordPress to start selling on the Internet and, above all, the ease and customisation that characterises it. However, for complex operations it is necessary to rely on professionals in the sector, able to intervene promptly with targeted and precise actions. At GtechGroup, we provide a remote service for updating plugins and themes via our software, as well as quick ticket assistance linked to the CRM.


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