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In a world where the effectiveness of digital communication is fundamental, we took the initiative to develop Newsletter.gtechgroup.com, a newsletter software exclusively for us and our customers. This strategic choice stems from the realisation that, over the years, the needs of marketing via email have evolved, requiring more customised and integrated solutions. With Newsletter.gtechgroup.comwe offer a unique service reserved for our customersexperience, to ensure a email marketing optimised, customised and in step with the times. This unique approach reinforces our commitment to provide high-level solutionstargeted at the specific needs of our customers.

Key Features

  1. Self-hosted solutionTotally self-hosted, it offers full control over your email marketing activity.
  2. Open to IntegrationIntegrated with the most popular delivery services, it guarantees maximum flexibility and performance.
  3. Suitable for Every BusinessDesigned for both individuals and companies, it adapts to different marketing needs.
  4. Complete Email SolutionIt offers features such as single and double opt-in, list segmentation, subscription management and blacklists.
  5. Simple Integration: Facilitates integration with your websites/applications via REST APIs.
  6. Complete Delivery Tracking: Monitors open and click messages, handles bounces and feedback automatically.
  7. Automation and Self-Response: Launch email campaigns in response to event triggers and automatically respond to recipient activity.
  8. Written in PHP & Laravel: Easy to customise and evolve, supported by MySQL 5.x or higher.
  9. Statistics and Detailed Reports: Analyses individual campaign reports or monitors the growth of the mailing list and campaign engagement.
  10. Responsive Email Editor: Compose daily marketing emails with ease thanks to the responsive editor and choose from numerous pre-built layouts.
  11. Successful Emailing for All: Powerful tools for creating, sending and optimising emails, with marketing automation, segmentation and powerful APIs.
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Key Benefits

  • Customisation: Adaptable to different business needs, it guarantees a tailor-made approach in email marketing.
  • Ease of UseIntuitive interface and advanced features make it quick and easy to manage email campaigns.
  • Advanced Automation: Reduces the time and effort needed to manage campaigns, thanks to intelligent automation features.
  • In-depth AnalysisIt provides valuable insights to optimise marketing strategies and continuously improve performance.

Optimise Your Marketing: Funnels in Newsletter.gtechgroup.co.uk

Our software Newsletter.gtechgroup.com offers the revolutionary functionality of creating email marketing funnelpowerful tools to optimise communication with customers. A funnelor funnel, is a strategy that guides potential customers through a structured path: from initial interest to final action, such as a purchase or subscription.

This process begins with capturing the recipient's attention, continues by providing information and added value, and culminates in encouraging a decision by the customer. The use of funnels in our software makes it possible to automate this path, making each communication targeted and consistent with the stages of the customer journey.

The main advantages include a improved conversion ratethe possibility of effectively segmenting the audience based on their behaviour and interests, and a greater customisation communications, thereby increasing customer engagement and loyalty. With Newsletter.gtechgroup.com, creating and managing funnels becomes an intuitive experience full of potential for your business.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to the customers who participated as beta tester at this crucial stage in the development of Newsletter.gtechgroup.com. Their input has been crucial in refining and perfecting this tool, ensuring that it fully meets the needs of our customers.

Remember that the software is exclusively reserved for existing customers. For those wishing to explore the potential of Newsletter.gtechgroup.comwe offer the possibility of requesting a demoby contacting us via email, WhatsApp or phone. This is an unmissable opportunity to make the most of email marketing strategies, enhancing communication and customer engagement.

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