Digital Impresa Lazio: Valid until 1 October 2019

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The Lazio region has made available a notice called 'Digital Impresa Lazio"which allows companies residing in the Lazio region to benefit from grants to support digitisation processes.

By digitisation processes we mean all those 'Digital' operations that are also provided by our Web Agency, focused on improving the competitiveness of your company. Specifically, the following operations are highlighted:

  1. Digital marketing: digital marketing solutions as interventions SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or commonly called Google indexing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Web Social and Mobile Marketing;
  2. E-commerce: realisation of e-commerce platforms via CMS (Content Management System), e.g. the realisation of a website in WordPress with related e-commerce on the Woocommerce platform;
  3. Digital point of sale: digital solutions for the development of front-end services and customer experience at the point of sale (kiosks, totems, touchpoints, digital signage, smart shop windows, smart mirrors and fitting rooms, augmented reality, couponing and loyalty acceptance systems, Electroning Shelf Labelling, sales force automation and proximity marketing);
  4. Booking and paymentInternet and/or mobile booking and payment systems; Self scanning and Self checkout systems;
  5. 3D Printingequipment and applications for 3D design and printing;
  6. Internet of thingssystems and applications capable of communicating and sharing data and information through a network of intelligent sensors;
  7. Digital Logistics: software and digital applications for logistics management and coordination;
  8. Digital administrationDigital solutions to support electronic invoicing and warehouse optimisation;
  9. Digital SecurityComputer security systems;
  10. Integrated systemsintegrated information systems: such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, document management systems and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM); systems and applications supporting smart-working and coworking.

Type of Intervention

All Projects must:

  • To be carried out by SMEs individually; each SME may submit only one Project;
  • To be implemented in the Operational Office(s) located in Lazio;
  • Submit a total amount of no less than EUR 7,000 and no more than EUR 25,000;
  • Be composed of one or more Intervention Types;
  • Be started after 1 January 2019 and do not include expenses incurred before 1 January 2019;
  • Not completed (last invoice date) at the date of application;
  • Do not concern entrepreneurial activities that fall within the Excluded Sectors or that have been supported by a programme
    co-financed by the EIS Funds and were relocated outside the programme area.

For further information, you can download the announcement form and fill in the form below:

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