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How to position yourself on Google

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How to choose keywordsSelecting relevant keywords is an essential step to better position your website on Google.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone who is not in possession of a computer or a smartphone, the main devices used to do any kind of internet search. If you are considering, for example, the purchase of a product or need to call in a professional, the first thing you do is search for information on Google.

From this it can be seen that the web is a perfect stage for promoting all kinds of businesses, and therefore to forego this possibility would be a resounding own goal. If your commercial enterprise is not properly publicised on the web, you are unlikely to achieve much. It is therefore essential to pursue a web strategy marketing focused on SEOi.e. the set of strategies aimed at improving positioning of a website on search engines. And keyword research is one of them.

How to choose keywords

The choice of keywords is an important aspect for indexing in Google, so that your site can have more visibility and be found more easily by network users. It is no coincidence that when we need to buy a product or service, or simply obtain information on any business, the first thing we do is use the Google search bar on our mobile phone.

How to choose keywords

Let's imagine that you need to contact a lawyer working in your city, but you have no idea which firm to choose to handle your case. And so you go trawling the net for information on the services offered by legal professionals, rates, reception hours and so on, typing in a series of keywords that will lead to the results displayed by SERP.

So a keyword must be chosen based on the searches that users make on search engines, and then used to create the content to be publishedarticles and web pages. This is an important step because it is the best way to ensure that your content is viewed by those who are searching for information on your topic. The advantages of choosing keywords can be summarised in a few simple points:

  • helps you understand what users are searching for;
  • helps you make your content more visible to users;
  • avoid being penalised by search engines.

Which tools to use for research

Before choosing keywords, you need to think about what you are trying to achieve with SEO. First of all, it is important to realise that they are not all the same. Some are very competitive, which means that there are many sites competing to rank for them, while others are less competitive and therefore easier to achieve. If your goal is to increase traffic on your site then you must choose those relevant to the site and the content of the pages. If you aspire to improve your site's ranking in search engines then you should choose keywords that are less competitivetherefore with a lower search volume but allowing you to compete on an equal footing.

And it is precisely the volume that is a relevant parameter with which to ensure that people are actually searching, otherwise no one will see your content. Furthermore, keywords must be specifications enough to accurately describe the content of your blog, but not too much to limit the number of people who might be interested in the content.

The best way then is to think about how your potential customers or visitors might search for your products or services. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can do an in-depth search using special free or paid toolssuch as Google AdWords Keyword Planner or SeoZoom. Programmes that help you understand which keywords are most searched by users and which websites get the most views in a given timeframe.

How to choose keywords

Enter keywords the right way to rank on Google

Once you have chosen your keywords you will have to incorporate them naturally in the title of your post, in the first paragraphs and in the various spaces required by SEO (an in-depth article here). You should also use keywords as tags when publishing content on your blog or other social media sites. Finally, make sure you use them naturally to avoid being penalised by search engines.

For proper SEO, you can turn to copywriters and web designers who are established in the industry and who can work out an all-round strategy regarding the indexing of your site. GtechGroup is the perfect answer for your needs by collaborating with highly skilled professionals in the field of web communication.

Contact us for a consultation or request a Google Meet. We will be happy to listen to your requests and support you in growing your brand.

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