How to promote a site with Instagram

How to promote a site on Instagram

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How to promote a site via Instagram, the popular social media considered a great tool for increasing visits to a blog, a e-commerce or whatever other type of platform you have.

You have a company with a dozen or so employees or you are a freelancer living from your day-to-day work, but in either case, success in your industry will depend on, among other things, one very specific factor: the ability to get noticed on the web.

Having a certain visibility on the Internet means affirming your presence within such a varied market, a key to entry that will allow you to be immediately recognisable to users who surf the Net every day. Online in fact represents the ideal basin for win over those potentially interested customers to what you offer.

You will therefore realise how crucial it is to consider all those media that are essential for increasing traffic to your site. Social networks are a perfect example of this, especially Instagram.

Increasing website traffic with the world's most popular social network

Instagram certainly needs no introduction, as it is one of the most widely used social networks in the world, with hundreds of millions of members participating in it with great enthusiasm (over thirty million in the Italy). But we are not only talking about individual users, but also about the official profiles created by companies and so-called influencers to convey the brandpromoting a partnership and therefore using it as an effective  advertising medium. This is due in large part to the user-friendliness of the application, which is used to share photos and video clips quickly and immediately with the help of effects and filters that make the content more interesting and more appealing.

How to promote a site

In the light of such a large following, it would be a pity not to take full advantage of its enormous potential, an opportunity not to be missed with regard to how to promote a sitethus favouring incoming traffic.

How to promote a site with Instagram

Let's examine how to increase visits to one's own site using the functionalities offered by the platform belonging to the Meta Platforms group:

  • Insert a hyperlink in the bio of your page, personal profile, various posts or even better in the stories daily. In this way you will direct users directly to your site, increasing visuals;
  • Make use of the promotional huts made available, with paid posts in which to implement a call to action (visit my site, buy the product here, etc.);
  • Publish posts very regularly so as to keep followers' interest high;
  • Use hashtags to broaden your target audience and attract new profiles (thus getting more likes for your page).

how to increase traffic to your site

If you have a pizzeria, for example, then a link to the menu on the official website may be a smart solution. Or if you are a dentist then you could insert a link to the screen for booking a session. These are specific examples but perfectly adaptable to any other context.

Want to create your own website? We'll take care of it!

We analysed how to promote a site with Instagram, but before that, it is necessary to create a high-performance, indexed platform that can accommodate a large number of users who will access it. WordPress is the perfect solutionthe most popular CMS due to its ease of use and all the additional functionalities with which to set up a professional website.

Contact us for more information and we will organise a strategy together with you. marketing at 360 degrees. We are waiting for you.


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