G Tech Group. uses the data entered by its users to send communications and take actions of marketing

a) Communications

We will communicate with users via email, telephone, notices posted on our website or social pages, or any other available means including SMS and PEC. We will send messages regarding the availability of our Services, security or other issues related to the Services. We will also send messages about how to use the Services, deadline reminders and promotional messages. You may change your communication preferences at any time. You may not opt-out of receiving certain Service messages from us, including, for example, legal and security-related notices. 

b) Marketing We Promote

the Services we offer. We use data about Customers and their Services for invitations and communications promoting our Services and our Company. We may provide certain data to third party vendors who request it from us for the promotion of our Services and products on external platforms. 

c) Development of Services

We are constantly improving our Services and conducting research to refine them. We use data, including public feedback, to conduct activities to further develop our Services in order to provide users and third parties with a better, more intuitive, personalised and high-performance experience.

G Tech Group