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In an increasingly digital world, G Tech Group stands out once again, presenting its Official WhatsApp channel. This new platform will become an essential reference point for those who want to stay up-to-date on company news.

What is a WhatsApp Channel and how does it work?
Unlike individual or group chats, a WhatsApp Channel is a one-way space where companies can share news, updates and exclusive content with their followers. Channel members will receive these messages directly on their device, ensuring that no news is missed.

The added value of the G Tech Group WhatsApp Channel
By joining our channel, we grant you privileged access to:

  • Best news: Discover the latest trends and innovations straight from the heart of the G Tech Group.
  • Important Updates: Stay informed about the latest developments and changes in the company.
  • Exclusive guides: Log in tutorials and detailed guides to make the most of the products and services offered.
  • Must-see videos: From training to backstage, immerse yourself in the world of G Tech Group through exclusive video content.
  • ...and much more!

How to join the G Tech Group WhatsApp Channel?
It's as simple as that! Just follow this link and you will be directed directly to our WhatsApp channel. In just one click, you will become part of our digital community.

The G Tech Group WhatsApp channel represents a new frontier of corporate communication. Don't miss the opportunity to keep up with the most important news and updates. Join us and enjoy an unprecedented digital experience! 🚀📱

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G Tech Group was born conceptually in 2011 and entrepreneurially in 2013 from an idea of Gianluca Gentile its founder.

The aim was to create the first Social Web Agency not a classic web agency that deals with social but an agency that shares its resources and ideas with other agencies and also connects different agencies, creating a real network.

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