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Have you ever heard of Nextcloud? If you don't know it yet, know that you are about to discover a new world in the cloud computinga world where privacy e control of your data are at the centre of the experience. In contrast to well-known services such as Google Drive e OneDrive, Nextcloud offers a different and more customisable approach to online data management. Here's why it could become your new favourite ally.

What is Nextcloud and How is it Different from Google Drive and OneDrive?

Nextcloud is not just a cloud storage service; it is a open-source solution which allows you to create your own cloud space on a server of your choice. This means that, unlike Google Drive and OneDrive, which operate on servers managed by the respective technology giants, with Nextcloud you can decide to install your cloud on a private server, such as the one offered by G Tech Group. This ensures a level of privacy and security considerably superior, as you have total control over where and how your files are stored.

Why Is Nextcloud Privacy Superior?

When you use Google Drive or OneDrive, your files are hosted on their servers, which raises issues related to the privacy and use of data. Instead, Nextcloud, being installed on a server of your choice, such as that of G Tech Groupallows you to be the sole custodian of your data. This means that no third party has access to your information without your permission. This is a fundamental difference for those who particularly care about the security of sensitive or confidential data.

Complete control over your data

With Nextcloud, you manage personally every aspect of your cloud space. You can decide who has access to your files, what data to synchronise and how to configure security measures. This customisation is not possible with solutions such as Google Drive or OneDrive, where you are subject to the policies and configurations preset by the service providers.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cloud storage solution that puts the privacy and data control firstNextcloud is the right choice for you. Whether you are a private individual looking for a secure alternative for your personal files or you represent a company with high data protection requirements, Nextcloud, especially when hosted on a reliable server such as that of the G Tech Group, is an ideal solution.

How Does Nextcloud Work?

Nextcloud works by installing its software on a server, which can be either a dedicated server or a shared hosting space. Once installed, you can access your Nextcloud from any device: computer, smartphone, tablet. The magic of Nextcloud lies in its ability to synchronise files between different devices, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date version of your documents, photos or any other type of file.

How Does Nextcloud Work? A Detailed Exploration

To fully understand Nextcloud, it is essential to explore how it works. The first step is to install the Nextcloud software on a server. This server can be dedicated exclusively to you, guaranteeing maximum performance and safety, or it can be a shared hosting spacea cheaper and simpler solution, ideal for small businesses or personal use.

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Once Nextcloud is operational on your server, it becomes your personal data storage centre accessible from any device connected to the internet - be it a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The key functionality of Nextcloud is the synchronisation of filesThis means that any changes made to a document on one device will automatically be updated on all other connected devices. This continuous synchronisation ensures that you always have access to the latest version of your documents, photos, or any other type of file, without having to manually transfer them from one device to another.

Why Choose Nextcloud?

  1. Total Data Control: The main difference between Nextcloud and commercial cloud storage services such as Google Drive or OneDrive is the complete control you have over your data. You decide where your files are stored and who can access them. This not only increases security, but also provides unprecedented privacy.
  2. Superior Security and Privacy: Nextcloud integrates advanced security measures, including the encryption end-to-endwhich protects your data during transmission, and robust mechanisms against brute force attacks. This makes Nextcloud particularly suitable for storing sensitive or confidential information.
  3. Real-Time Collaboration: Nextcloud is not only storage. It also offers tools for online collaboration in real time, similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online. This makes it ideal for teams working on shared projects, allowing them to edit documents at the same time, without hiccups or delays.
  4. Extensibility and Customisation: Being a software open-sourceNextcloud is characterised by its flexibility. You can extend its functionality through a wide range of add-ons and appsallowing you to tailor the cloud experience to your specific needs. Whether you need additional tools for project management, internal communication, or simply to customise the user interface, with Nextcloud you have almost unlimited freedom.

In summary, Nextcloud offers a comprehensive and highly customisable data management solution with a focus on security and privacy. Whether you are an individual looking for a safe place for your personal data or a company needing a reliable system for collaboration and information sharing, Nextcloud is a versatile and powerful solution.

Cloud G Tech Group: Your Personal and Secure Solution

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative technology solutions, at G Tech Group we have adopted and installed Nextcloud on our Plesk servers. This strategic choice has enabled us to develop a new product that we are proudly presenting: the Cloud G Tech Group.

A Personal and Secure Cloud

The Cloud G Tech Group represents a significant evolution from services such as Google Drive and OneDrive. Our solution is distinguished mainly by direct data managementoffering our customers a personal drive that places the greatest emphasis on the privacy security. Our Plesk infrastructure, combined with the flexibility and power of Nextcloud, creates a private and secure cloud storage environment, ideal for both personal and professional needs.

Customisation and Branding

For customers who wish to go further and have their own cloud space, we offer an exclusive service: the possibility to install a customised version of Nextcloud on their own domain. This means you can have your own personal cloud with your own brand, such as This option not only increases the brand value for companies, but also allows unprecedented control and customisation of their cloud environment.

Why Choose Cloud G Tech Group?

  • Privacy and Security: With the Cloud G Tech Group, your privacy is guaranteed. Your data is managed directly by us and securely hosted on our servers.
  • Full Customisation: We offer the possibility to customise your cloud space according to your needs, including the option to have a cloud with your brand.
  • Reliability and Support: Thanks to our Plesk servers and our experienced team, we guarantee reliable service and first-class customer support.
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external services integrated in the cloud g tech group

The G Tech Group Cloud is more than just an online storage space: it is a customised solution that focuses on your privacy and security needs, with the added personal touch that reflects your brand. Contact us today to find out how the G Tech Group Cloud can transform the way you store and manage your data!

Nextcloud and Cloud G Tech Group - Your Personal Cloud Revolution

Nextcloud, with its security, flexibility and customisation capabilities, has established itself as an ideal solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional cloud storage services. In the G Tech Group Cloud, we have elevated this experience, integrating Nextcloud on our Plesk servers to offer a unique service: a personal, secure cloud with the possibility of brand customisation. The G Tech Group Cloud is not just a secure choice for your privacy; it is an extension of your personal or professional space in the digital world, offering control, reliability and dedicated customer service. Discover how the Cloud G Tech Group can transform your data management and take your cloud experience to a new level!


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