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The Bando Sviluppo Impresa aims to support local enterprises in the phase following their establishment, in the development of production activities and in the digitalisation and innovation of business processes and products, through an intervention that enhances the investments made and helps consolidate a virtuous circle between enterprises, banks and credit guarantee consortia.

The facilitation provides 3 main intervention measuresin the form of vouchers for the cost of high value-added services provided directly by the Consorzi Fidi as Implementing Parties of the initiative:

  1. Accompanying and mentoring start-ups
  2. monitoring and support for SMEs
  3. digitisation and innovation

Le main measures are alternativesEach enterprise may only have access to one main intervention measure. The maximum value of the voucher obtainable by each enterprise is a total of € 3,500 net of VAT.

Alongside these intervention measures, the Chamber makes 2 secondary intervention measures availableaimed at enhancing the investments made by the same companies in one of the three areas mentioned above, as follows

  1. Interest rate subsidy: maximum value € 10,000 per company
  2. Warranty cost reduction: maximum value € 2,500 per company

Ancillary measures are cumulative and can only be applied for if one of the main intervention measures is activated.

Eligible beneficiaries are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with a registered office and/or local unit registered with the Chamber's Register of Companies.

Companies must be active, in good standing, registered in the Companies Register and paying the annual fee, and must have taken out and obtained a guaranteed or co-guaranteed loan from an Implementing Party of the initiative as of 1 December 2020.

Eligible types of funding include liquidity needs resulting from the COVID-19 emergency. 

The initiative is valid until 31 December 2021.

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