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Veeam: the ideal solution for optimal, centralised management of your backups for freelancers, large and small companies.

The back up is certainly one of the most advantageous solutions with which to save your files. It is an indispensable service for anyone, even more so for professionals working in the digital sector, therefore having to deal with a large amount of content every day. It represented a real revolution in data storage systems, now considerably updated and in step with the times.

Until recently, in fact, every user was forced to make several copies of all the virtual material in his possession, solely with the help of USB sticks, micro sd or even better hard disks. This was done in order to have a duplicate in case these devices were lost. However, such a system required a great deal of time and patience, especially if a large number of files had to be moved over and over again.

Fortunately, advances in technology have led to the development of an automated system for saving files, namely the cloud backup. Among the best alternatives available for this service Veeam is certainly one of the most popular options for companies and freelancers.

Veeam backup

Automatic back-up should be a solution adopted by every business in order to protecting one's own files. Losing them permanently would result in great damage in economic and image terms for the company. Just imagine the credentials of its customers, with names, addresses and bank details lost as a result of specific events, including:

  • presence of a virus spread by a hacker;
  • software-related issues;
  • unsuccessful updates;
  • devices (e.g. hard disks) lost or irreversibly damaged.

Such situations are a punch in the gut for those who are used to working with a large amount of content, which is more often than not irretrievably lost. Therefore, having a duplicate would be an excellent parachute in this respect. In order to guarantee a higher level of security, it becomes advisable to use suitable programmes, capable of ensuring the required performance, i.e. the automatic data backupwithout the need to run it the old-fashioned way every time. Veeam is one of the most highly regarded companies in its sector, standing out considerably among competing brands.


How Veem backup works

Veeam is a platform for cloud backup intended for businesses and the self-employed who wish to protect their data by relying on a secure and effective service, with a professionalism testified by partnerships with famous companies, from Tim to Red Bull, who have relied on it. It is a software suitable for intelligent and centralised management of files, which can be restored in an emergency.

The service is very easy to use, with some free videos useful for understanding the functionality offered. Also free is the thirty-day trial for new customers who want to interface with this programme, so as to certify its functionality of Veeam.

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Veeam, How Veeam backup works , Veeam backups
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