Android 12 update: the latest news

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Android 12 update: rumours about the latest version of the operating system that will be officially released by the end of the year.

One of the most eagerly awaited novelties for phone enthusiasts is certainly the update of Android devices. Every year, a release is released featuring new featureswhich will enrich the end-user experience. In 2021 it is the turn of theAndroid 12 updatewhich is eagerly awaited by fans of the 'green puppet'. So let's take a look at what the main changes are compared to the previous year.

Android 12 update: what's new, the release date and which smartphones are supported

Although it has only been a few months since the release of Android 11 it is already time to get to know, at least at the outset, the peculiarities of version 12. An upgrade that will officially see the light between the end of this year and the beginning of next year, with Google terminals obviously taking precedence.

android 12 update

L'Android 12 update is characterised by several changes aimed at improve interface and usability of this system, with an image retouching that aspires to make it more fluid and appealing. A version designed to optimise areas such as performance and security, as well as various gestures required to improve the operability of this system.

This is what Mountain View's top management is aiming for, analysing feedback from developers and users who have already had a first approach.

What's new in Android 12: features

Below is a list of the main changes that are expected to be made with the next Android 12 update:

  • Easier reading of notifications and understanding of privacy-related messages;
  • Introduction of Game Mode, a feature adopted for gaming management (e.g. optimised automatic rotation, use of a wireless controller, etc.):
  • One-handed mode, with the display shrunk horizontally;
  • SOS function, i.e. the ability to initiate an emergency call by pressing the power button five times consecutively;
  • Sharing Wifi passwords to neighbouring phones via Nearby Share.

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These are the innovations we will see in the coming months on the Google's own smartphonestarting with the Pixel 3, also excluding Huawei's own terminals, the latter not having Google Mobile Services on board,

Where to download Android 12

Those who want to familiarise themselves with the nineteenth version of Android can do so via the following link. This is the preview intended for developers, owners of a Google Pixel and users in possession of a dedicated emulator.

But the developer preview is just a taste of what the Android 12 update will be like. For more information on this, we have to wait for the arrival of the beta (presumably in early summer) and then the final version (as mentioned above by the end of the year, specifically in the last quarter of the current year and the first months of 2022.

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