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Having a virtual secretary is the ideal solution for better management of inbound contacts without spending a fortune.

Being a successful entrepreneur or freelancer means first and foremost having efficient and highly professional employees. Having genuinely qualified people in your team is the key to working in the right way and guaranteeing a high level of performance, whatever sector your company is in.

Everyone is therefore equally important. Even the least important figure from an organisational chart point of view must have the same self-sacrifice in everyday work. One cog out of place can not without reason negatively affect your business, starting with the secretarycall taker and appointment manager.

A professional figure that you can integrate into your team without necessarily having to hire an employee. Here is the virtual secretary service proposed by secretary.me.

Choosing a virtual secretary: your winning choice

It is undeniable not to consider how indispensable the work of a secretary is within a workplace. Managing correspondence, sorting incoming calls, answering e-mails, scheduling appointments at appropriate times and so on. Tasks to be entrusted to a figure trained in both administration and public relations. At every call in fact represents the companyIt gives voice to your business and for this reason it must behave accordingly.

Virtual secretary opinions

It is true that increasing the number of employees can be a limiting factor for self-employed professionals. Paying even a salary to a collaborator is for many an insurmountable and difficult expense. Unless you use the service offered by secretary.me.

How to have a personal secretary at such a moderate price

Savings in some cases is not synonymous with low quality, and secretary.me is a case in point. It is a established start-up which provides you with a trained and experienced virtual secretary. A figure capable of doing the job following your directivesso that everything can be managed in the best possible way:

  • Manages incoming calls
  • Organise the various appointments, scheduling them at the times indicated by you
  • Update the calendar and agendas punctually
  • Answers calls between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. seven days a week

Online secretary

Your number will then be available on any day of the week during these hours, i.e. office hours. You will also receive a detailed e-mail with the name, reasons and all the data the virtual secretary has collected during the call. You will also have a telephone line with a dedicated number and no activation costs.

How much does the service cost?

Virtual secretary costs: three monthly packages at your disposal:

  1. Smart 25 euro
  2. Open 75 euro
  3. Full 150 euro

Very low rates for a high quality service. You will also benefit from a 20 per cent discount in telephone traffic if you register via this linkso 5 euros for the Smart option, 15 for Open and 30 for Full.

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