Imunify360: the malware scanning software for website security

imunify360 the malware scanning software for website security

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Here is a possible rewrite of the content on Netsons' blog regarding Imunify360, a malware database scanning software, enriched with a list of the software's functionalities, a pros and cons section, and conclusions on its application in the G Tech Group:

In a world where online security is increasingly important, cyber attacks are a constant threat to websites. Malware, in particular, represents one of the most widespread and insidious dangers, capable of compromising the security of websites and putting users' data at risk.

To protect your websites from malware and online threats, it is essential to use advanced and reliable security tools. One such tool is Imunify360, a security software designed to ensure the protection of websites and online users.

Imunify360 offers numerous features to ensure maximum online security:

  • Malware database scanner: one of Imunify360's main tools, which allows you to detect and remove malicious files on your websites by analysing the files on the server and comparing them with a constantly evolving malware database.
  • Real-time protection: Imunify360 constantly monitors the website, detecting and blocking threats in real time using advanced detection techniques.
  • Application web firewall: Imunify360 offers an advanced application web firewall that can protect the website from DDoS, injection and other web attacks.
  • Vulnerability detection: Imunify360 can detect website vulnerabilities, such as outdated versions of plugins or CMSs, and notify users of any suspicious changes to the website.
  • Integration with Plesk and cPanel: Imunify360 is compatible with Plesk and cPanel control panels, offering a simple and intuitive website management experience.
  • Intuitive user interface: Imunify360's user interface is easy to use even for inexperienced users, allowing a complete website scan to be initiated in just a few clicks.

Like any tool, Imunify360 has its pros and cons:


  • Advanced protection: Imunify360 offers comprehensive and advanced protection against malware and online threats, thanks to its numerous security features.
  • Easy to use: Imunify360's intuitive user interface makes the software easy to use even for inexperienced users.
  • Constant updates: Imunify360's malware database is constantly updated to ensure up-to-date protection against the latest online threats.
  • Integration with control panels: Imunify360 is compatible with the most popular control panels, making it easy to manage websites.


  • Cost: Imunify360 is a paid solution, which may be an obstacle for users with limited budgets.

Despite its cons, Imunify360 is a popular tool in the online security sector. In fact, many web hosting providers use it on their servers to guarantee maximum security for their customers.

Among these web hosting providers is the G Tech Group, an Italian company specialising in offering hosting and domain registration services. The G Tech Group uses Imunify360 on all its servers, offering its customers advanced and up-to-date protection against malware and online threats.

All in all, Imunify360 is a complete online website security solution, protecting users from malware and online threats thanks to its advanced malware database scanning technology. Despite its cost, Imunify360 is a popular tool in the online security industry and is a winning choice for those looking for a reliable and advanced solution to protect their websites and online data.

If you want complete and reliable protection for your website, the G Tech Group offers support packages that include Imunify360 and other advanced security tools. Find out more about our support packages and buy now at Your website security can't wait!

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