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Php 7.4 new featureswhat has changed with the changes to the release distributed in late 2019.

When a user surfs the net, he does not realise all the complex organisation behind it. Special software is used to obtain search engine responses, so that bypass numerous cumbersome steps (or at least make them fully usable). A very short time interval may elapse between typing any search term and the final result, amounting to no more than a few seconds (depending on the speed of the line or the power of the device used).

This process is facilitated by the Php scripting language, generally the one most adopted with regard to the writing of server-side http app of a websitebeing free software, i.e. open source, and above all free of charge.

To understand how it works, we can understand it (in brief) as a tool used to make displaying the pages of a site. Therefore, when opening any page online, the Php code allows the browser of the person surfing the net to interpret it.

Php 7.4 new features

Over the years, the application has been periodically updated in order to optimise its use by programmers and simple users. On the day 28 December 2019 In fact, the new version of Php, namely the Php 7.4.


php 7.4 news



This release brought additional gestures that have improved usability. Beta versions had been released as early as June, with the final arrival at the end of last year. Among the main consequences we can mention a faster performance as well as better understanding of the code.

Php 7.4 new features: obviously also the WordPress sites are affected by the update. However, even today, a large proportion of users are still using older versions.

Php update, what changes with 7.4

Php 7.4 new featuresBelow we show the main changes made to the scripting language with the adoption of the latest version.

  • Literal numeric separatornecessary to read the numerous sequences of figures more easily and quickly by means of an underlining character. Being divided, the possibility of making mistakes is drastically reduced;
  • Improvement in basic conversionswith a warning if a wrong value is passed;
  • New system for the serialisation of objects;
  • Arrow function or Short ClosuresThey facilitate the writing of anonymous functions, as they are usually quite complex to read. A marked improvement in the language of the code can be observed with them;
  • Null Coaesce Equal Operator: is a means used to make it easier for programmers to write code, to establish the set value in the event that it is not present, and to obtain the request parameter;
  • Typed Propertier 2.0there is the addition of support for typed properties;
  • Foreing Function Interface, literally translated foreign function interface: born to enter all data and libraries into C, so that they can be used readily;
  • Hash extension always available for any Php;
  • Splat Operator for arraysused to establish infinite parameters;
  • Typed Variance optimised by grafting covariants;
  • Weak referencesmore capacity can be obtained by eliminating them;
  • PreloadingThis is an update implemented to allow the server to incorporate the Php from the outset within the memory, so that it can also be used afterwards.

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