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What does hosting meanwhat it is, what it is for and why it is so important for the creation of your website.

Setting up a website is a habit that affects any business, from the internationally renowned brand to the neighbourhood business. An entrepreneur has the onus to ensure that his company has a concrete visibility on the Internet, and an official online space is just what it needs. Indeed, anyone who uses web search to obtain information or purchase products and services on the net

But in such cases there are a number of elements to be considered very carefully, including the choice of hosting. But what hosting means? Why is it so important when opening a site? Let's delve into the subject together by analysing the peculiarities and importance of this service.

What is hosting

A hosting is a service that allows users to publish their site on the World Wide Web, necessary to make it visible online with the help of a space on a server. In this way it can be viewed by anyone surfing the Internet and therefore, without it, we would not be able to show our site to anyone.

hosting what it means

But if we wanted to give an immediate answer to the question "what hosting means"We would say: a rental of the web space used to host a website.

We can cite several advantages and disadvantages in this respect:

  • Ease of useNo technical skills are needed to use a hosting service. Just follow the wizard provided by the provider and your website will be online in a few minutes;
  • Relatively low disbursementHosting services are generally very inexpensive, especially when compared with the purchase and management of a personal server;
  • Technical Support: i best hosting providers offer technical support 7 days a week, so that any problems can be resolved at any time;
  • Dependence on a providerIf you choose to entrust your website to a hosting provider, you are completely dependent on the provider. In the event of technical or other problems, you will have to contact the provider's support to solve them. In addition, should you decide to shut down the service, the hosted website will also go offline;
  • Possibility of limitationsSome hosting providers impose restrictions on the use of their service, e.g. on the amount of data traffic that can be used.

How to choose a web host

Hosting is usually provided by specialised companies, providers that make dedicated, shared, VPS, cloud, managed servers available to users:

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  • Shared. In this type of hosting, the server hosts several websites, and each one shares the server's resources;
  • Dedicated. The entire server is dedicated to your website. The advantage of this type of hosting is that the site will be very fast;
  • VPS (virtual private server). The server is divided into several virtual servers, and each of these has all the resources available to you;
  • Cloud. The server is not physically located in your office, but in another place. You can therefore expand the site without having to change your physical servers;
  • Managed. The company takes care of the server for you, without you having to take care of anything.

In seeing what hosting is and what it means, there are therefore several factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to decide whether you want a shared, dedicated, etc. solution. Secondly, it is necessary to assess the requirements in terms of space and bandwidth. Finally, it is important to consider the price and the level of support offered by the host.

This shows how crucial it is to choose a reliable and professional provider such as the Gtechgroup hosting service with unlimited space and traffic, which can respond to your every need in the event of momentary network or service disruptions in general, resolving the problem as quickly as possible.


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