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Authorisation to processing of personal data how it works and why it is so important to take it into account in the legal sphere.

The legal basis for privacy is the right to confidentiality of personal data. It is a fundamental right that we should all have, although we often do not think of it that way. According to the online dictionary Encyclopaedia Treccani, 'the confidentiality of data is regarded as a fundamental right that protects those with an interest in anonymity'.

This definition tells us a lot about the the role of privacy in our daily lives. Data confidentiality is indeed indispensable as it guarantees everyone the right to be protected from interference by the state and other bodies or individuals in possession of private information. In particular, confidentiality allows individuals to keep their identity secret and not be spied on or defamed by the authorities.

Confidentiality also protects the right to freedom of information, as it allows people not to be interviewed or licked in public by reporters or television or press operators.

What is personal data processing authorisation

Authorisation to process personal data is therefore a necessary document in order for the website owner to be able to carry out data processing. Law No. 196/2003, as amended by Law No. 675/2013, provides that each user must be informed of the possibility of exercising the rights set out in Article 7 thereof, including the right to receive confirmation of the existence or non-existence of his or her personal data and the right to request that it be updated, deleted or supplemented.

personal data processing regulations

The website owner provides this informing users in a clear manner and simple, without any imposition of time limits. Furthermore, the owner of the website reserves the right to delete users' personal data if there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Why private information is collected

We have largely analysed what the processing of personal databut it is worth considering its application in the digital sphere. On the Internet, through our digital accounts, we access dozens and dozens of websites every day, which will have to cope with data processing in accordance with current European regulations.

In fact, such a document is the act by which the controller establishes the modalities concerning the collection, use, storage or communication of a person's personal data. The data controller may also be any public or private organisation, but it is often the owner or operator of the website carrying out the treatment.

The personal data collected may be acquired for various purposes, including:

  • send information messages related to the activity
  • provide the services requested by the user
  • updates
  • provide technical assistance and support

personal data processing website

Therefore, all this is necessary to provide users with the required services and enable digital resources to function properly. And the data collected will only be used for purposes strictly related to the provision of the requested serviceand may be disclosed to third parties only in the event of necessity in connection with the operation of the site or as required by law.

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