WordPress website push notifications: how to activate them

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Push notifications from WordPress websiteLet us analyse together the importance of such an important communication medium for customer loyalty to be implemented on your website.

A well-organised web communication strategy is the main key to acquiring new customers and growing your company's turnover. Consumers in fact use the web for multiple purposes, especially when purchasing goods or services. Therefore, to underestimate this consideration would be to remain outside the social context in which we all live.

Se stai leggendo questo articolo quindi sarai perfettamente a conoscenza di tutto questo. Per questo motivo hai aperto la tua pagina social e di tanto in tanto tieni aggiornato il tuo spazio web con la pubblicazione di contenuti. Ma il web marketing è anche tanto altro. Vi sono endless possibilities to exploit that you may not yet have employed within your strategy, see push notifications. But what are website push notifications? And how can they be activated?

What are push notifications

what push notifications are

You want to nurture your brand's online reach by engaging directly with your audience, alerting them to the latest news and stimulating them to buy. Push notification is the ideal means to achieve this, even better than the classic newsletter. It is in fact an instant message sent to the PC screen or mobile application or social page that does not require any uploading or downloading of files. For this reason, it is an effective tool and not at all invasive if used well. Immediate communication brings benefits for both parties involved:

  • The entrepreneur may make use of a rapid communication for its publicitypromote an offer, cultivate a bond with the audience and above all prompt them to perform an action (return to the site, conclude the purchase of a product saved in the shopping cart or on favourites, etc.);
  • The user, on the other hand, has the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest brand news quickly and easily. All this by reading the pop-up-like text on their screen in less than 15 seconds.

Website push notifications

If we take social networks as a reference, we immediately think of the messages we see on the curtain of the display alerting us to the receipt of a like to a post, a comment, etc. when you have not accessed it. The same thing occurs with notifications shown on the PC, with the text shown on the display even if you have not opened any page. Of course it is the user who will have to grant permission to sendby accepting with a simple click (see the image above showing the push notification from our site). It therefore represents a non-invasive opt-in communication to which one can give positive or negative feedback, a totally different service from the classic spam message, sent without having obtained any kind of consent. Le push notifications from website therefore appear as an additional opportunity made available to interact with users. This is possible through the use of special plug-insmany of which free of charge and others for a fee. One signal is one of the most popular solutions for websites created with WordPress.

push notifications from website

It allows you to organise the scheduling of notifications by setting the date and time of sending the push notification from the website.

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