SSL certificate what it is and why to have a secure website

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SSL Certificate cos’è and how to make your website safe for users surfing the net.

La security is one of the most debated topics on the web. Millions of users connect to the Internet on a daily basis, and a large amount of sensitive data, ranging from their personal details to the bank details they enter when making purchases, is disseminated.

With the passing of the years and the consequent development of technology, efforts have been made to reduce the dangers of web surfingwith solutions adopted to safeguard users and improve their experience. Numerous measures have been implemented over time to limit the actions of cybercriminals and malware developers. One of these is the SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?

Companies that exploit the Internet to increase the value of their business try to capture the interest of the consumer by urging them to visit the own websitebeing a digital showcase where products or services to be sold are displayed. In addition to the strategies of marketing it is necessary to ensure that one's content is indexed on search engines.

What is an SSL certificate?

The main one is undoubtedly Googleused by the majority of the world's population, both via computer and mobile devices. The eponymous company has always had an eye on the well-being of its users. This has been seen especially with the use of a system aimed at favouring all those websites considered safeso that online persons can surf without any risk. We are talking about the SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?? Si tratta di un sistema creato per assicurare una maggiore protezione alla privacy degli utenti, in modo tale da favorire la divulgazione dei propri dati in totale sicurezza. Viene concesso ai siti ritenuti sicuri e che utilizzano il HTTPS protocol for publishing the pages online.

There are therefore major differences with commonly used HTTP. What does change is the presence of a encrypted interaction systemwith which information remains confidential, e.g. the codici delle prepagate inseriti per i pagamenti sugli e-commerce online, le parole chiave d’accesso sui propri social oppure le comunicazioni inviate e pervenute via email.

Seo SSL Certificate

We can place this innovative service in a context related to the SEOas it guarantees better indexing on search engines to web pages with such a certificate. Every site must comply with this directive if it is to survive. Otherwise it would be considered unsafe.

As a result, when searching, surfers will be inclined to favour sites with this service, avoiding clicking on those without it. Following the update of 09/2018, it was deleted the tag with which the protected sites were shown, with the designation '.safe'adopting the appropriate icon depicting a padlock (placed next to the url address, before https:// etc.).

What is an SSL certificate?

Clicking on it brings up some info, including the cockie in use, the presence of the certificate and the duration of its validity.

Secure Site SSL Certificate

After ascertaining the What is an SSL certificate? we can safely say that it is an indispensable system for the fortunes of one's online business. Its presence testifies to the goodness of the platform in which one goes to clickan aspect that will be taken into account not only by Google, but above all by the users themselves.

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