What is a graphics tablet and how it works

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Graphics tabletthe ideal tool for digital drawing. Among the most popular devices are those made by Wacom, the industry leader.

The graphics tablet can be seen as a fundamental means of linking to drawing of the past. Before the advent of the computer, there were mainly two tools used: a pencil and a sheet of paper.

With the passing of the decades, there has been a marked change. Everything has become digital, even the graphical representations. Thus the systems used for this purpose became the PC and the mouse.

However, despite the advancement from a technological point of view, the need has arisen for a device that can almost faithfully reproduce classic manual drawing techniques. A product that can precisely be identified in the graphics tablet.

What is a graphics tablet

The graphics tablet is an electronic device that is used by professionals dealing with design, 3d graphics, modelling, photo retouching. Those who use it in their work are mainly photographers, but also engineers and architects who use programmes such as Photoshop. It is a product that has become indispensable in order to work to the best of one's ability, achieving an even more defined result than with the mouseoften the cause of inaccuracies.

Inexpensive tablets must be connected to the PC in order to be used (being an input peripheral) via the USB cable or with Bluetooth. In this way, whatever is painted on it will appear on the computer screen at the same time.

Those better performers they need no further help, being electronic devices as powerful and expensive as a computer. They are equipped with a screen, the size of which can reach that of a small television.

The element used for drawing is the graphic penalso commonly known as the nib.

What is a graphics tablet and which are the best ones

Graphics tablet which one to choose

Deciding which graphics tablet to buy is not that difficult. There are currently several brands on the market, but out of them all, only one prevails.

The best known, in terms of quality and convenience, is undoubtedly Wacom. This company, based in Japan, deals specifically with the production of graphics tablets with accompanying products required for use, such as the aforementioned graphics pen.

There are several products on the market from the Japanese company. Here are the main categories, each containing numerous models, available in varying sizes, from 13.3 to 27 inches diagonally, up to 512 gb of internal memory:

  • Intous / Intuos Pro, to be connected to the PC, is ideal for those who want to start getting to grips with this instrument;
  • Cintiqintended for professionals working in the sector;
  • Mobile studio Pro, a real computer for those involved in planning and design, equipped with a Windows operating system.

We can see that the final choice is mainly based on the availability of money, and especially if the purchase is intended for a specific work context. In addition to the screen size, which is ideal for more rewarding drawings, attention should also be paid to the so-called contour tools:

  • Penindispensable for use. There are several models, each with a different grip and buttons with customised functions;
  • Support ergonomic, necessary for a good grip when drawing;
  • Remote control equipped with programmable keys, useful for speeding up the work process.

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