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Se gestisci un negozio online su WooCommerce, sai quanto sia importante avere un sito web attraente, funzionale e facile da navigare. Qui entra in gioco WooLentor, un plugin add-on per Elementor, che si sta rapidamente affermando come uno strumento essenziale per gli imprenditori e-commerce. Con oltre un milione di download e 100.000 negozi che già lo utilizzano, WooLentor promette di portare il tuo negozio WooCommerce al livello successivo​​.

Key Features of WooLentor Pro

  1. Drag-and-Drop interfaceWooLentor integrates seamlessly with Elementor, allowing you to customise the pages of your WooCommerce shop without touching a line of code.
  2. 105+ Elementor Elements: With a wide range of Elementor elements, WooLentor offers creative solutions for every aspect of your online shop.
  3. 22 WooCommerce Modules: From modules for managing checkout fields to customising emails, WooLentor offers a wide variety of functions to enrich the user experience.
  4. 90+ Pre-Built TemplatesChoose from over 90 ready-made templates to speed up the design process of your site.
  5. Custom Builder for the Shop PageThis function allows you to create unique layouts for your shop page, giving you unprecedented creative freedom.
  6. Shopify Style Checkout Page: For a simplified and improved checkout process, similar to that offered by Shopify.
  7. Partial PaymentA particularly useful function that enables customers to make partial payments for products.
  8. Email automation: Create automated email sequences for new customers, current customers, post-purchase emails and more.
  9. Builder for Single Product PageCustomise each product page to make it unique and eye-catching.
  10. Email Customiser Module: Edit WooCommerce email templates without programming experience.
  11. Checkout Field Management: A reliable and perfect editor for customising checkout fields in WooCommerce.
  12. Countdown to SalesA module that adds a countdown timer to products during promotions, creating a sense of urgency among customers.

Further Features and Benefits

  • Gutenberg SupportWooLentor also supports Gutenberg, offering collections of blocks to design your WooCommerce shop.
  • Pro and Free Modules: Among the 22 advanced functionalities, 11 are available in the free version and the rest in the Pro version.
  • Does not affect Site Speed: Thanks to its wide range of modules, WooLentor reduces the need to install additional plugins, while keeping the speed of the site optimised.
  • Template Library: Log in to pre-made templates in both the free and premium versions for additional ease of use.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Filter: Improves the navigability of your shop by allowing visitors to filter products by colour, size, price and other attributes.


WooLentor Pro is not just a simple add-on for Elementor; it is a complete solution that transforms your WooCommerce shop into a seamless and customisable online shopping experience. Whether you are a beginner in the world of e-commerce or a veteran looking for more flexibility and control, WooLentor has everything you need to create a successful online shop. Visit the WooLentor website for more information or to download the plugin.

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