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Extensions Google Chrome: what they are and how to download these additional applications to your PC, which are useful for optimising the user experience on Google's browser.

Any user with a mobile device with a connection is used to surfing websites. In fact, the Internet has become a domain public, which is accessed by virtually all network users. This occurs through the use of a search enginethat is, that system which returns a list of results based on the keyword used in the query. An elementary but fairly effective summary to best explain what it consists of.

Among the most commonly used names is of course Google Search, with the proprietary browser Chrome much appreciated for its speed during use. Despite the fact that it is present on billions of PCs and smartphones, however, few make use of the additional functions that can be obtained by downloading the Google Chrome extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google extensions are nothing more than supplements to be installed on the browser, in this case Chrome, necessary to increase its functionality and adapt it to one's own needs. These are applications that improve and greatly enrich the user experience by the user, simplified according to browsing habits.

In addition to the aforementioned browser, other search engines such as Bing, Baidu and Yahoo are also downloaded, but it is the one produced by the Mountain View company that is of most interest to network users. There are even hundreds of them, with downloads available (many of them free of charge) on Windows devices.

In order to choose Google Chrome extensions, it is necessary to view the special Web Store. It contains the various extensions to download, with the download executable by simply clicking on add.

extensions google chrome

Google Chrome extensions: most downloaded solutions

Among the most used by users are those for the mail Gmaile.g. the plug in Checker Pluswith which to activate desktop notifications; or Mailtrack, to monitor the email and find out whether the recipient has viewed them.

Google extensions, google meet extensions, extensions for google meet, google extensions, extensions for google chrome

Also widely used are those for Google Meetthe teleconferencing application. We have the extension Google meet pluswith a digital whiteboard on which to show meeting participants a note or drawing in real time. Enhancement Suite Instead, it presents skills for quick exit, quick start, enabling subtitles, etc.

Impossible not to mention for Google Maps the extension GPS Cooordinates to obtain and manage GPS coordinates. Very popular are those related to social media such as Web for Instagramwith which to publish and upload/download content directly from the PC onto the platform, and Block 'visa' function on Facebook Messengerso that other profiles cannot see whether the messages they send are displayed or not.

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