G Tech Group: Two Years of Green Commitment for the Planet

Treedom certificate: 90 trees planted, -9 tonnes CO2.

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For G Tech Grouprespect for the environment is a priority that is renewed year after year. Today, we proudly celebrate our second consecutive year of ecological commitment, a journey that has seen our company grow along with the trees we have planted.

Two Years of Success in the Fight against CO2

Our green initiative, strongly desired and led by Gianluca Gentile, CEO of G Tech Group, was not just a symbolic gesture. From the very beginning, Gianluca understood the importance of taking a proactive approach to addressing the environmental impact of our industry. It was he who initiated this ambitious project, aimed at offsetting not only the CO2 emitted by our websites and software, but also that generated by the servers of the G Tech Group and our customers.

In the past two years, under the visionary leadership of Gianluca, we have achieved a significant milestone: the clearing of 9 tonnes of CO2. This was achieved through a strategic tree planting in collaboration with Treedom. Our determination to reduce our environmental impact and actively contribute to the fight against climate change is reflected in this remarkable achievement.

The holistic approach adopted by Gianluca Gentile, which includes mitigating the carbon footprint produced not only by direct business activity, but extending it to services provided to clients, underlines our environmental awareness and responsibility. It is a tangible example of how enlightened leadership can guide a company towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Trees: Our Allies for the Environment

Trees, real lungs of the planetThey play a crucial role far beyond mere air purification. They are vital in maintaining the biodiversityenriching natural habitats and supporting countless life forms. Their presence is fundamental to the soil healthcontributing to its fertility and preventing erosion. In addition, they play a key role in hydrological cycleinfluencing the availability and quality of water. Our dedication to planting and caring for trees reflects the G Tech Group's commitment to a future environmentally sustainable and responsible.

A Continuous Commitment to Sustainability

Our relationship with Treedom represents a pillar of our environmental strategy. Each tree we plant is much more than a symbol; it is a concrete testimony to our commitment to reduce theenvironmental impact. Through this collaboration, we demonstrate our willingness to promote a sustainable business modelwhich integrates ecological responsibility and innovation. This approach not only benefits the environment, but also lays the foundation for conscious, planet-friendly corporate growth.

Treedom's Strategic Choice

Opting for Treedom is a decision that goes beyond simply planting trees; it is the adoption of a platform that guarantees total transparency and a direct connection to environmental interventions. Every tree planted is carefully documentedallowing us and our stakeholders to visualise the tangible impact of our actions. This not only strengthens our connection with the earthbut also demonstrates our commitment to operating in an open and responsible manner, making sustainability a key element of our corporate identity.

Treedom logo with tree, 2023.
treedom logo badge 2023 green on white

Towards a Greener and More Sustainable Future

These two years of concrete actions prove that a sustainable future is possible. Planting trees with Treedom is not just about offsetting CO2 emissions; it is a step towards building a more balanced ecosystem.

Join Us in This Green Commitment!

At G Tech Group, we extend a special invitation to all our customers to actively participate in our ecological mission. Every customer now has the unique opportunity to contribute directly to the growth of our forest: on every invoice, we offer the option of increasing the amount of the 3%. This small addition is entirely allocated to the planting of additional trees through Treedom, thus contributing to offsetting CO2 emissions.

Visit our wall on Treedom (link to Treedom) to explore our commitment and find out how you can be part of this green initiative.

In conclusion, the strategy adopted by the G Tech Group not only demonstrates the positive impact of sustainable actions, but also emphasises the fundamental role that companies and their customers can play in protecting the environment. By joining forces, we can amplify our impact and build a greener, more sustainable future together. Join us and help make a difference!

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