Google for Non-Profit: Guide to Benefits for Associations

google for non profit guide for associations

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In today's digital world, non-profit organisations can greatly benefit from an effective online presence, we spoke about this in our previous article but today we want to give a comprehensive overview of what this important tool, unknown in Italy, offers. Google, one of the global technology giants, offers a number of resources and benefits for non-profit organisations through its programme Google for Non-Profit. In this article, we will examine in detail how your association can take advantage of these benefits.

1. What is Google for Non-Profit

Google for Non-Profit is a programme that offers free or discounted access to many Google products that can help non-profit organisations reach their audience, raise funds and operate more efficiently. These products include Google Ad Grants, Google Workspace for non-profit organisations, YouTube Nonprofit Programme and more.

2. Google Requirements for Non-Profit

To benefit from the facilities offered by Google, your organisation must fulfil certain criteria. These include being registered as a non-profit organisation in your country and not being a school, hospital or governmental organisation. You can find the full list of requirements at Google's website for Non-Profit.

3. How to Register with Google for Non-Profit

To start using Google for Non-Profit, you must first register your organisation. Go to the registration page and follow the instructions provided. Remember that you will have to provide documents proving the non-profit status of your organisation.

4. Insight into Google Products for Non-Profit

Let us take a more detailed look at the products offered by Google:

  • Google Ad Grants: Questo programma offre fino a 10.000 dollari al mese in pubblicità gratuita su Google Search. È un modo fantastico per aumentare la online visibility della tua organizzazione e raggiungere un pubblico più ampio.
  • Google Workspace for non-profit organisations: Google offers free access to its productivity package, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Meet e altro ancora. Questo può aiutare la tua organizzazione a migliorare la collaborazione e l’efficienza.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Programme: This programme offers special benefits for non-profit organisations on YouTube, including the option to add donation buttons to videos.
  • Google Earth and Google MapsThese tools can help non-profit organisations visualise their data in a meaningful way, e.g. by mapping the impact of a project or creating virtual tours.

Google Ad Grants: A Detailed Look

google ad grants
google ad grants

Google Ad Grants is one of the most effective tools offered by Google's Non-Profit programme. Designed to support non-profit organisations on their path to online visibility, Google Ad Grants offer up to USD 10,000 per month in free advertisements on the Google search platform.

The functioning of Google Ad Grants mirrors that of Google AdsGoogle's pay-per-click advertising platform. Organisations receive advertising credit that they can use to create ads, select keywords, and set their own bids. When users search for one of the selected keywords, the organisation's advertisements can appear in search results, thus increasing online visibility and potentially bringing more visitors to the organisation's website.

What makes Google Ad Grants unique is its focus on non-profit organisations. With this programme, Google recognises the importance of the work done by non-profit organisations and provides them with a way to expand their impact. It can be a powerful marketing tool for non-profit organisations, allowing them to reach a wider audience, promote causes and projects and increase their fundraising opportunities.

However, as with any marketing tool, it is important to use Google Ad Grants strategically. Organisations must carefully choose keywords, create effective ads and constantly monitor the performance of their ads to ensure maximum return on investment.

For non-profit organisations seeking to expand their online presence and increase awareness of their cause, Google Ad Grants can be an invaluable opportunity.

Google Workspace for Non-Profit Organisations: A Detailed Overview

google workspace non-profit
google workspace non-profit

Google Workspace for Non-Profit Organisations is another key resource offered by Google for non-profit organisations. This tool offers free or discounted access to Google's productivity package, designed to help organisations work more effectively and collaboratively.

Google Workspace includes a number of familiar and widely used applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides e Google Meet. These interconnected applications allow organisations to manage internal and external communications, share and collaborate on documents, organise events and meetings, and much more, all from one place.

One of the most powerful aspects of Google Workspace is its ability to facilitate collaboration. With Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, organisations can work together on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time, eliminating the need to email versions of files back and forth. In addition, Google Meet enables high quality video meetings, ideal for organisations with members spread across multiple locations.

Google Workspace is also extremely customisable, allowing organisations to tailor settings according to their needs. For instance, customised email addresses can be created with the organisation's domain name, increasing professionalism and brand identification.

In conclusion, Google Workspace for Non-Profit Organisations can be a valuable tool for organisations seeking to improve productivity and collaboration. With its suite of user-friendly and highly functional applications, Google Workspace can help non-profit organisations save time, work more efficiently and focus on what matters most: their mission.

YouTube Nonprofit Programme: An In-Depth Overview

youtube non-profit programme
youtube non-profit programme

The YouTube Nonprofit Programme is another tool offered by Google for non-profit organisations that can have a significant impact on the visibility and effectiveness of their campaigns. This programme offers a number of benefits that can help organisations use the power of video to tell their story, engage audiences and encourage donations.

One of the main advantages of the YouTube Nonprofit Programme is the possibility of adding the donation buttons directly to the organisation's videos. This is a powerful feature that can help organisations turn viewers into donors. When viewers see the direct impact of an organisation's work through an engaging video, they may be more inclined to support the organisation with a donation.

In addition, the programme also offers access to YouTube Spacesprofessional production studios around the world, where organisations can produce high-quality video. This can be a great advantage for organisations without in-house video production resources.

Another advantage offered by the programme is access to YouTube Givinga set of tools that allow organisations to raise funds directly on YouTube. This includes fundraising campaigns, which can be linked to the organisation's videos, and donation matching features.

In summary, the YouTube Nonprofit Programme can be an extremely effective tool for non-profit organisations seeking to harness the power of video to promote their cause, engage audiences and increase donations. With its donation features, access to production space and fundraising tools, YouTube can become a key channel for a non-profit organisation's communication strategy.

Google Earth and Google Maps: A Detailed Analysis

google hearh and google maps non-profit
google hearh and google maps non-profit

Google Earth e Google Maps are two mapping and geolocalisation tools developed by Google, each with its own unique features and strengths. Both can be very useful tools, not only for navigation purposes, but also for education, research and planning.

Google Earth offers a three-dimensional view of our planet using satellite images, aerial maps and the GPS system. It allows users to explore the entire world, with the ability to zoom in on any area, from crowded metropolises to pristine mountains. A distinctive feature of Google Earth is its ability to display detailed topographical data, allowing users to see three-dimensional models of buildings, terrain and even oceans.

Besides visualisation and exploration, Google Earth also offers tools for content creation. Users can create virtual tours, map customised routes and add markers and detailed descriptions. This can be particularly useful for educational or research projects.

On the other hand, Google Maps is a mapping and navigation tool that offers detailed directions, real-time traffic information and satellite views. It is particularly useful for planning trips, whether on foot, by car, bicycle or public transport. Google Maps also includes information on local businesses, user reviews, and even opening hours, making it a powerful tool for urban planning and exploration.

In addition, Google Maps also offers tools for businesses, such as the possibility of adding one's business to maps, responding to user reviews and analysing traffic data to one's own site.

In summary, Google Earth and Google Maps are two powerful and flexible tools that offer a wide range of functionalities to explore, understand and interact with our world.

5. Using Google for Non-Profit at its Best

In addition to accessing these products, it is important to know how best to use them. Google offers a range of training resources, including tutorials and webinars, to help organisations make the most of their products.


Google for Non-Profit offers a valuable opportunity for non-profit organisations to harness the power of digital technology to enhance their visibility, increase fundraising and improve operational efficiency. If your organisation meets the requirements, we highly recommend exploring these facilities.

If you encounter problems when registering or using Google's products for Non-Profit, we are here to help. You can contact us by opening a ticket by sending an email to or by contacting us on WhatsApp at +39 0465 84 62 45. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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