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Digitalisation and Innovation: The New Frontier for Ligurian SMEs

In the post-COVID-19 era, digitisation emerges as a fundamental pillar for the revitalisation and sustainable development of local economies, especially for the Liguria Region. The latter is actively engaged in promoting the adoption of advanced technologies and digital services, aiming to increase the operational efficiency of companies and consolidate their role within their markets.

Towards Innovation: Opportunities and Targeted Interventions

The Liguria Region's call for tenders is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises the territory, offering concrete support for projects that integrate digitisation into production and organisational processes. Favoured interventions include:

  • Optimising workflowsImproving business efficiency through innovative technologies;
  • E-commerceDevelopment of online platforms to expand the target market;
  • Cloud Computingfor more agile and secure data management;
  • Digital payment solutionsfacilitating economic transactions in an efficient and secure manner;
  • Sustainabilitydigital tools for ESG reporting, which is essential for communicating corporate performance in terms of environmental sustainability and social responsibility;
  • Adoption of state-of-the-art technology provided for in the National Transition 4.0 Plan.

The aim is to make Ligurian companies more competitive and ready to meet the challenges of the global market, while ensuring an inclusive and sustainable digital transition.

Participation Criteria and Benefits

Applicant enterprises must be rooted in the Ligurian economic fabric and operate in one of the sectors eligible under the call. A non-repayable contribution of up to 50% of the eligible expenses, with a ceiling of 20,000 Euro, is envisaged, representing an unmissable opportunity for Ligurian SMEs aiming at innovation.

Timeline and Presentation Mode

The deadline for realising and reporting on projects is 31 October 2024, allowing companies to plan their activities properly. It is essential to start the initiatives after 1 July 2023 to ensure their eligibility for funding.

In this renewal scenario, G Tech Group emerges as a strategic partner for companies wishing to navigate the digitalisation path. With a team of experts in the field and a proven track record as a technology provider, G Tech Group acts as a reliable guide in the submission of applications and project implementation, ensuring comprehensive support at every stage of the process.

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