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Revolution in the World of Publishing: The Extraordinary Fund for 2023

In 2023, the Italian publishing sector is about to experience a significant revolution thanks to the initiative launched by the Department for Information and Publishing. An ambitious Extraordinary Fundfor the year 2024, sees the allocation of EUR 140 million to support and revitalise the entire sector in a crucial phase of evolution towards digitisation and innovation.

This initiative is a crucial step for publishing companies, newsagents, and radio and television broadcasters, which are navigating the transformations brought about by the digital age. The fund aims not only to support traditional activities, but also to encourage the adoption of new technologies and innovative practices, which are crucial to remain competitive in the modern marketplace.

With a specific focus on thetechnological innovationthe fund aims to stimulate investment in new instruments and digital platformsthus supporting the transformation and upgrading of existing infrastructure. In addition, a significant part of the funds is dedicated to therecruitment of young talent nel settore, con particolare attenzione ai giornalisti e professionisti sotto i 36 anni, sottolineando l’importanza di infondere nuova energy e idee nel settore.

The 2024 Extraordinary Fund therefore presents itself as an extraordinary opportunity for companies in the publishing industry to renew themselves and adapt to new market requirements, making the most of the potential offered by digitalisation and technological innovation. With this initiative, the Department of Information and Publishing not only supports the publishing industry, but actively invests in its future, recognising the vital role it plays in culture and information in Italy.

A Huge Fund: 140 Million Euros Available

The fund, with an impressive budget of EUR 140 million, is designed to provide targeted and meaningful support to the different realities that make up the publishing landscape:

  • EUR 10 million for the newsstands.
  • 60 million for the publishing companies of newspapers and periodicals.
  • EUR 15 million for therecruitment of young journalists and the stabilisation of contracts.
  • EUR 10 million plus EUR 45 million for investments in innovative technologies in the media sector.

Recipients of Contributions

This fund is aimed at a wide range of players in the publishing industry:

  1. Newsstands with ATECO code 47.62.10.
  2. Publishing Companiesnews agencies, and radio and television broadcasterswith specific ATECO codes.

Targeted Incentives

Contributions are differentiated by targets and objectives:

  • One-off contributions up to EUR 3,000 for newsstands.
  • Up to 10,000 euro per recruit of young journalists under 36.
  • Expenditure support for digital transformation and technological modernisation.

Modalities of Participation

Interested companies can submit their applications in the following time windows of 2024:

  • 08/02/2024 – 08/03/2024for the support of newsstands.
  • 15/03/2024 – 15/04/2024for the contribution towards the costs incurred.
  • 23/04/2024 – 23/05/2024for the recruitment of journalists and the stabilisation of contracts.

For details and forms, please visit official website.


The 2023 Special Fund for Publishing is an unmissable opportunity for companies in the publishing industry, opening the door to targeted funding and incentives. This represents a decisive breakthrough in embracing innovation and renewal in the ever-evolving area of digitalisation.

In this context, G Tech Group is positioned as an ideal strategic partner for companies wishing to make the most of these opportunities. With our expertise in technological innovation, we can offer tailor-made solutions for the digitisation of publishing processes, the introduction of advanced digital platforms and the development of communication strategies effective online.

We can assist publishing companies in implementing projects that meet the Fund's requirements, guiding them in their digital transformation through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. From improving digital infrastructure to integrating automation and data analysis systems, G Tech Group can be the engine that fuels innovation and growth in the publishing industry.

The 2023 Special Fund for Publishing is not just a financial aid: it is a springboard to a more modern and competitive future for the publishing industry. With G Tech Group on their side, companies can turn this opportunity into a tangible reality, securing their leading position in the digital age.

Useful Links: Announcement, News from the Department for Information and Publishing 


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