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What is a firewallWe delve into the functionality of software that is essential for secure surfing and blocking access to your network

La web security is an issue that concerns us very closely and should arouse some interest given the importance of this topic. Compared to a few years ago, it is undeniable that online traffic has increased dramatically, especially with the help of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the safeguarding of privacy has become a much-debated subject, in light of the considerable vulnerability of a network potentially under attack by hackers or cyber threats coming from malware and viruses.

So, in these cases, the prevention is the best weapon at our disposal, indispensable for dodging those blows that, depending on the severity and type of software, can seriously jeopardise the security of our sensitive data and compromise the functionality of the computer. In fact, the Internet is often used by unsavoury personalities in order to capture private information, or even threaten other users (stealing credentials to access e.g. bank advances, extort money, etc.).

If you want to avoid this, you must necessarily provide use ad hoc tools like firewalls. Let us see what we are talking about.

What a firewall is for

what is a firewall

What is a firewall? It is an application that allows block unauthorised intrusion within your network, protecting your connection from unwanted external attacks. This programme also restricts access to certain sites or files considered dangerous, acting as a real barrier between your computer and people who are not authorised to access it. But the strengths certainly don't stop there:

  • It intervenes in the traffic between the various devices within the network, thus preventing a hacker from intruding in an unauthorised manner;
  • can block attacks from connections in public spaces (airports, railway stations, etc.);
  • safeguards the PC from viruses, spyware or other malicious programmes;
  • provides protection for users from spam or pop-up screens;
  • blocks access to dangerous websites.

It can be configured to block a specific IP, an access port or all packets coming from a specific domain.

How to install a firewall

From what we have said, we can see that such software works in a similar way to a double security door. In fact, when there are attempts to pass through the first door, the other door's traffic is blocked. And the main difference with an antivirus is that a firewall also protects applications, whereas an antivirus only protects files.

firewall how it works

To configure it, simply follow the instructions on the manufacturer's website or in the installation manual for the software in question. It can also be installed on the device in use, or is provided as an additional service by a telecommunications provider, public administration, or other business operator. But if you have a Microsoft account or a computer with Windows 10 is already present by default. In this case, all you have to do is activate it in simple steps.

You must press the Start and select Settings. Then, select Firewall. In the dialogue box that opens, press the button Advanced Options and select the Access protocols. Under the various protocols, select the VPN protocol. In the next window, select the block you wish to apply to traffic coming from a certain website or purpose. Finally, press the OK button. 

If, on the other hand, you wish deactivate italways in Windows 10, simply press the Win + I simultaneously, choose PC Options and then select Communication protocols. In the window that opens after selecting Communication Protocols, click on the icon Firewall next to the card Communication protocols. In the next window, click on the Deactivated.

Safety always comes first

We have seen what a firewall is and why it must be used. It is no coincidence that the subject of security must always be taken into account. Our web agency in fact offers customers solutions designed to achieve the highest safety standards. Our web hosting features a firewall as well as other state-of-the-art tools such as internal crawlers and back-up and scanning of your infrastructure.


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