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How the cloud works storage: a great opportunity to save your content as an alternative to the standard solutions used so far.

With the sudden advancement of technology that we have been witnessing in recent years, daily life has been greatly simplified, starting with small everyday chores. The social platforms are just one glaring example, with a new form of communication that has affected every sector, from the social to the economic. A new way of understanding interactions between people, with distance greatly reduced at least in the virtual realm, as well as new opportunities in terms of marketing and advertising for companies.

But the benefits certainly do not stop there. Today we are going to discuss a topic that may be of interest to any type of user who uses a large amount of media files, from the neophyte to the professional in the digital sector: We will look at how the Cloud works for saving their own content and what the main solutions are for users.

How Cloud Storage Works

Until a few years ago, the main systems for storing files (photos, videos, documents, etc.) were mainly mass storage devices:

  • floppy
  • cd
  • usb sticks
  • micro sd
  • hard disk
  • ROM memory on PCs and smartphones

In this list we can observe the evolution of rescue methodsfrom the floppy disk (with very few megabytes available) to the internal memories of our mobile phones. For those who are not too demanding, it may be fine to use a classic micro SD card to insert into devices, perhaps to store a few documents, multimedia files and photos. However, those who need to store a lot of content can make use of thehard disk. There are mainly two types of these: the HDD (magnetic type) and the SSD (solid state), the latter being preferred for reliability and durability.

Despite advanced technologies, some problems may arise, mainly related to the breakage of internal components. Let's take the example of a magnetic hard disk, which is subject to deterioration due to shocks or accidental drops, with the real possibility of losing all the data on it. To avoid this, it is by far advisable to use a cloud-based system.

What is cloud storage

To understand how the cloud works we have to imagine one online space where you can store all your files. A kind of virtual warehouse where the user accesses via the Internet, with the possibility of downloading files to any device or inserting new ones. In this world, there is no longer any need to have sd cards or hard disks at hand.

In all this, one can see the huge benefit in terms of space and security. In the event of breakage or loss of the device, one's contents would not be permanently lost, and therefore recoverable at any time. This is a great advantage for everyone, all the more so for those professionals who constantly have to deal with this type of situation.

how the cloud works

Cloud storage examples

Currently, there are numerous cloud storage options available to users on the net, both free and paid. Among the main free solutions are:

  • iCloud5gb - 0.99 per month for 50 gb;
  • Google Drive15 gb - 100 gb for EUR 1.99 per month;
  • Amazon Drive5gb - 100 gb 19.99 euro per year;
  • Dropbox: 2gb
  • Huawei Cloud Mobile: 5gb
  • Samsung Cloud15 gb

The solutions just proposed on how the cloud works are suitable for simple users who do not have too many demands. For those professionals who need to make use of much larger spaces Gtechgroup offers excellent solutions in this regard, from 150 gb until 8 tb.

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